Bobbie Taylor

Adjunct Professor, International School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Barbara (Bobbi) Taylor has been a member of the International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management adjunct faculty since 2003 and has taught the following courses:

Entertainment Special Events
Customers Service
Hospitality Operations Management
Marketing Managment-Business
Communications and Gender
Supervision and Labor
Entertainment/Special Events/ Risk Management
Popular Culture

Professor Taylor's training and expertise is in the areas of entertainment, hospitality and education. Possessing over 14 years of industry experience, Professor Taylor has worked for numerous hospitality/tourism corporations in various management positions. These include:

  • Trump Marina Entertainment
  • Trump Administration
  • Fascinating Rhythm

In preparing for her career Professor Taylor secured the following educational qualifications and certifications:

  • B.S. in Education from Temple University
  • M.S. in Hospitality Management

Professor Taylor was the recipient of the GHMAC Scholarship.

Short Abstract