Christopher DePagnier

Adjunct Professor, International School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

As a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Professor Chris dePagnier teaches marketing, and hospitality marketing, courses at the West Windsor Campus of Mercer County Community College with the Community College Partnership. With over fifteen years teaching experience, Professor dePagnier is a full-time instructor for the Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management Program at Mercer County Community College.

Working up from employment as a part-time, to full-time, then Senior Technical Assistant, and finally promoted to faculty, Professor dePagnier enjoys teaching. His professional experience at Mercer County Community College (MCCC) includes: the administration, staffing, and maintenance of college food labs on two campuses; the selection, purchasing, and receiving of food, supplies, and equipment necessary for running educational courses in two food production classrooms; course creation, modification and development; curriculum development; service on various college committees; and student advisement. While the greater portion of his experience involves teaching college credit courses, he also teaches non-credit offerings, and industrial training, through MCCC. Professor dePagnier further teaches non-credit courses with MCCC’s Culinary Technician Program at the James Kearney Campus and teaches college credit courses to high school students enrolled in the Mercer County Vocational Technical School at the West Windsor Campus.

Professor dePagnier’s educational interest and expertise lie not only within the hospitality industry but also extend into the studies of cultural diversity and food anthropology—that is, the social, political, economic, environmental, religious, ritualistic and cultural roles of food for both individuals and societies. As such, Professor dePagnier created MCCC’s Food and Culture course which fulfills the requirements of diversity and global perspective general education electives. Professor dePagnier’s educational philosophy is such that in every effort of student learning, he tries to engage student involvement through an understanding of historical perspective and appreciation of diversity. Currently, Professor dePagnier is part of a committee working to develop international study/travel offerings at MCCC. Professor dePagnier enjoys international travel, having visited the nations of Canada, France, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Peru, and Switzerland.

Professor dePagnier brings to the classroom over twenty years of managerial and organizational experience working in both business, and industry, as well as his service experience with the United States Coast Guard Reserve.

Professor dePagnier received a B.A. in Law-Justice Studies from Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) and his M.S. in Hospitality Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is recognized as a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) by the Educational Foundation of the American Hotel and Lodging Association.


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