Program Costs


TUITION/ FEES *Subject to change


Undergraduate Tuition
Domestic Students

International Students

$ 1581.00 per  3-credit course
(includes 50% Scholarship)

$1629.00 per 3-credit course
(includes 40% Scholarship)

Utility/Energy Fee

Part-time, $4 per credit per semester

Full-time, $ 70 per semester

Registration Fee

$23.00 summer term only

Information Systems & Technology Fee Per Term
(On Campus & Web-based)

Part-time , 6 credits or less - $188.00

Full-time, 9 credits or more - $400.00

Technology Fee Per Term
(Off Campus Locations)

$12 per credit

Audit Fee

$250 per course

Medical Insurance
(International Students enrolled in online programs are not required to enroll in Medical plan)

$675 per year

National Guard Personnel

$750 per 3-credit course  
No technology fees