Cheng Gong

This program enables Chinese-speaking students to learn English and earn an Associate in Arts Degree through a progressive approach to learning starting with combined-language instruction (English and Chinese) followed by English-only instruction of all academic coursework. By attending classes as a cohort, participants in Cheng Gong develop their English writing and speaking skills through a professional and structured program of study – plus earn their A.A. degree – in as little as two years. Students may then transfer to a B.A. or B.S. program of their choice.

Intercultural Graduates

  • Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.)
  • Metropolitan Campus
  • 60 credits
  • Two years

This 60-credit program is offered on the university’s Metropolitan Campus in Teaneck NJ, just 10 km from New York City. It combines proven, quality English language instruction delivered by ELS Educational Services, a leading global English language school, along with the rigorous academic coursework for which Fairleigh Dickinson University is known. This combination enables students to build both their language and professional skills that can best be acquired through university-based education: the ability to communicate effectively, think critically, and perform successfully.

Upon successful completion of the program, students have the credentials needed to transfer into a traditional baccalaureate program at Fairleigh Dickinson or another accredited college or university. Cheng Gong continues Fairleigh Dickinson University’s great tradition of what it does best: provide quality education in a close-knit community emphasizing strong student/faculty collaboration so that students may establish the knowledge and skills required to lead successful lives.

Cheng Gong is a selective program with limited enrollment to highly motivated students interested in global issues, including and especially Chinese and American cultural, economic, and social affairs. .

For these individuals, the challenges of learning English and advancing their education while working are immense. In response to the growing number of employers in US and China that are interested in hiring candidates with dual language skills, Fairleigh Dickinson University has designed an exciting new associate in Arts (A.A.) degree for Chinese-speaking students that make it possible for these them to realize their dreams and potential.






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