Yeshiva / Seminary Program: Degree Requirements

To qualify for the Yeshiva/Seminary Program, a student must have completed at least one year of post-secondary (after high school) Yeshiva or Seminary studies. Completion must be documented.

If you are seeking financial aid you must provide proof of high school graduation or of having attained a GED. All transfer credits must be submitted before students complete their FDU studies. The programs must be completed with FDU credits. That is, your last class must be taken at FDU. If you are taking a break, you should apply for a leave of absence. If you are gone from the University without a leave of absence, you must re-apply. You cannot simultaneously be a student at FDU and at another institution of higher learning, not including your Yeshiva / Seminary.

The degree requirements for Yeshiva/Seminary Program students are:

Every students must take at least 30 credits (including online courses) within FDU. Out of these 30 credits, the following requirements must be taken at FDU:

  • 3 credits of Advanced English
  • 9 credits of the degree concentration
  • 6 credits of CORE courses

In addition, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • 6 credits of English (English Composition/Writing I & II)
  • 3 credits of Speech/Public Speaking
  • 6 credits of Natural Science
  • 3 credits of Math
  • 3 credits of Computer Science

Declaration of Candidacy:
Every student that has 6 credits or less to graduate his/her degree, should fill out a “Declaration of Candidacy” form.

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