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Fifteen years ago, Prof. Warren Blaker saw a need within the Orthodox Jewish community to help yeshiva and rabbinical students complete their college degree and pursue a profession to help support their families. He saw many yeshiva students studying in post high school rabbinical schools for a number of years in Israel and the US, getting married, raising a family, and eventually having difficulty earning a living without employable skills or a college degree. The Orthodox Jewish community also began to realize that a college degree in the proper setting may be acceptable.

With this in mind, Prof. Blaker launched the innovative FDU Yeshiva Program. Yeshiva students were able to transfer up to two years of yeshiva studies (72 credits) and an additional 18 credits from CLEP or other exams or colleges for a total of 90 transfer credits. This allowed the students to require only 30 credits or 10 courses to complete the FDU Petrocelli Bachelors of Arts in Individualized Studies (BAIS) degree.

The "for men only" courses were offered online and offsite in two shuls in Teaneck, New Jersey, with plans to expand to Passaic and Lakewood, New Jersey. An extremely innovative and flexible schedule was developed to conform to the yeshiva student’s learning or work schedule. Special “Bein Hazmanin” classes were offered for Sukkot, Pesach, and Chodesh Av as well as 12 week semester sessions in the Fall and Spring and two six week Summer sessions.

The FDU Yeshiva Program developed a reputation for quality and flexibility and became a success. Prof. Blaker was also able to convince FDU to provide a 50% tuiton reduction to all FDU Yeshiva Program students making it extremely affordable. In addition, other financial aid possibilities were made  available to those who were eligible.

Our students have gone on to graduate and professional schools, including Harvard and Columbia Law Schools, Johns Hopkins Medical School, the FDU Silberman College of Business MS in Accounting, Rutgers Dental School, Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and various MBA Programs. They also have pursued various careers in business with their college degrees.

With the success of the men’s Yeshiva Program, FDU began offering a Women’s Program, the FDU Seminary Program in Fall 2016. Women who have studied in post –secondary seminaries in Israel and the U.S. will be able to also transfer up to 72 credits and take an additional 18 credits(from CLEP or other exams or colleges for a total of 90 transfer credits) and complete their Bachelor’s Degree in one year with 30 additional FDU credits. Separate "women’s only" classes are already being offered in Teaneck and Passaic, New Jersey, with plans to expand. Specialization will be in Business, Entrepreneurship, Health and Human Services and Non Profit Leadership. The class schedule is done to meet the individual needs of students.

In order to get a head start, FDU Seminary students may start by taking Yeshiva Program online classes

The FDU Yeshiva and Seminary Program has a special arrangement with FDU's Silberman College of Business that, upon completion of our program, allows our students to pursue a masters degree in Accounting. There are separate men and women's programs in Montvale and Lakewood. With the MS degree as a pathway, students can pursue accreditation as CPAs. Students in our program often take the 18 credits in business courses that they will need to qualify to take the CPA exam in New Jersey. For information about the MS Graduate Accounting Program, please contact Professor Leslie Mandel ( for Men and Women cohorts in Montvale and/or Yocheved Fishman ( for men cohorts in Lakewood and Montvale.

Additional plans call for a Career Planning Seminar course being offered to help Yeshiva and Seminar Program students with interviewing and job placement. Also, other specializations and joint programs besides Business are in the works including Entrepreneurship, Premed, BAIS-MPA in Jewish Administration, BAIS-MS Accounting, and BAIS-MBA.

The FDU Yeshiva and Seminary Programs are poised to meet the expanding needs of the Orthodox Jewish Community.

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