Automotive Enterprise Studies

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Detailed curriculum brochure is available for download.

Overall one in ten people in the United States are employed in industries related to or dependent on the automotive industry.

Most automotive programs of higher education today focus on the engineering aspects of automotive manufacturing and design.

Performing successfully in the automotive business arena requires a wide-range of professional disciplines: Business Management, Marketing, Quantitative Analysis, Systems Applications, Economics, Human Relations and, of course, Automotive Technology.

The objective of the School of Automotive Enterprise Studies is to provide a college-level curriculum for those interested in a professional business career in the Automotive Industry.

This program is designed for aspiring automotive professionals and taught by people with years of automotive experience.

Classes meet once per week - Monday evening. The program is offered at the Metropolitan campus (Teaneck/Hackensack) of Fairleigh Dickinson University. Individual classes may be held at alternate locations to promote access to automotive industry sites.