Honors Program Special Features

Among the many special features offered to students participating in the University Honors program on the Metropolitan Campus are:

  • Invitation to an Honors program reception at which all Honors program scholars are officially introduced;
  • Participation in the University Honors program's annual Research Day, featuring presentations of student papers and dialogue among students, faculty and University administrators;
  • Continued Special funding for participation at selected professional conferences, such as those sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council;
  • Priority registration;
  • Books and equipment funding for junior research and senior thesis activities;
  • Preferred library privileges including borrowing, photocopying, and access to the University library's databases;
  • Enhanced preparation for graduate and professional schools;
  • Increased employment opportunities resulting from a documented high level of academic achievement and the ability to do independent work;
  • Permanent designation on University records as a University Honors program scholar;
  • Personal attention creating an environment conducive to achieving the highest levels of excellence in a chosen discipline; and
  • Significant opportunities to participate in social, cultural, and academic events, including invitations to several receptions hosted by the Campus Provost.