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The University Honors Program offers exceptional students an educational experience that combines advanced, multidisciplinary coursework through all four years with co-curricular activities that give students an opportunity to explore the campus, the local area, and the world. We provide a network of support through program staff, honors faculty, and peer and community mentors. Students in University Honors Program receive an extraordinary education designed to help you reach your full potential. Recent graduates currently attend many of the nation’s leading professional & graduate schools or are employed by Fortune 500 corporations.

Academically motivated incoming students are invited to apply to the Honors Program at the Florham Campus prior to their Freshman Year. They may also apply for entry after they have matriculated, having demonstrated superlative academic achievement and a consistent record of leadership and service to the community.

Program Benefits

In this program, students will benefit from

  • Smaller, challenging classes that actively engage students
  • Research experience with individual faculty mentor
  • Participation in professional honors conferences around the nation
  • Invitations to exclusive social, cultural, and academic events, including honors-specific study abroad opportunities 
  • Nominations for awards and scholarships
  • Priority registration 
  • Option to live in honors housing
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The Honors Program is designed to take advantage of the cultural and intellectual richness of New York City, and honors students benefit from its proximity to campus.

Recent trips include the New Jersey Speaker Series, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Tenement Museum, the Museum of Natural History, and the Sakura Matsu Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Students also attended performances including Macbeth and The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center.

The Curriculum

Students in the University Honors Program take at least one honors course each semester from a rotating list of courses made available in a variety of fields.

In the freshman year, most students enroll in Honors sections of College Writing Workshop and Research Writing Workshop. In the junior year, students take the Honors Research Seminar for one semester. In the senior year, students enroll in senior honors research (fall) and senior thesis (spring).

Freshman Year

Honors College Writing Workshop (ENGW 1101)

Honors Research Writing Workshop (ENGW 1102)

Honors Transitioning to University Life (UNIV 1001)

Sophomore Year

History of Theater II (Fall Semester)

Junior Year

Honors Research Seminar

A Wroxton semester or study abroad

Senior Year

Senior Honors Research (independent study)

Senior Honors Thesis (independent study)

Honors students have the opportunity to take specific courses at the honors level in their major with the permission and direction of the course instructor. These honors courses include additional special projects that enhance learning and knowledge in the student's major area of study. Other Honors courses are made available to our students each semester on a rotating basis.

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Admission Requirements

Admission to the University Honors Program requires both of the following

  • High school/college GPA of 3.25 or better
  • Minimum SAT score of 1220 combined Math plus Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (equivalent to an SAT score of 1150 if taken prior to March 2016), or ACT score of 25

Any qualified transfer student or currently enrolled student may inquire about membership in the program directly to the Honors Office. Please call 973.443.8744, or email the Honors Program Director, Dr. April Patrick (

Program Requirements

  • Take one 3-credit honors course each semester
  • Complete Senior Thesis or Capstone Project with faculty mentor
  • Graduate with 3.5 GPA
  • Maintain minimum cumulative GPA that increases at the end of each academic year
    Sophomore Year: 3.3
    Junior Year: 3.4
    Senior Year: 3.5

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After Graduation

Many University Honors Program graduates have been accepted to professional or graduate schools. Recent graduates are studying in medical and dental schools, pursuing M.F.A degrees in creative writing, or Ph.D. degrees in biology, chemistry, history, and literature and other fields. They have been accepted into graduate  programs at the University of Pennsylvania, NYIT, The New School, Drew University, Seton Hall University, and the College of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ among others. Many who chose to go into education have joined public schools and Teach for America. Others work for Marriot, Apple, the Mets Network/SNY, and The New York Post.  They work as lawyers, accountants, and counselors, or hold positions in government, publishing, and in hotel and restaurant management.


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For more information, contact

Dr. April Patrick
Honors Director, Florham Campus

Ms. Kim Dennison
Honors Advisor, Florham Campus

285 Madison Ave., M-MS1-02
Madison, NJ 07940


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