Connecting to External Sites

This policy pertains only to the ITV rooms managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology (on the Metro campus, DH 2245 and DH 1132, and in Florham, Dreyfus 214 and Sarah Sullivan). For policies pertaining to other rooms, please contact the individuals responsible for the relevant rooms.

Connecting to External Sites

The ITV facilities at Fairleigh Dickinson University have seen a tremendous increase in usage over the past several years. In particular, the rooms are used more and more frequently for connection to off-campus sites, which requires substantial personnel time to support and often incurs other costs as well. Since the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology budget has not grown, we have no choice but to recover these costs by charging back to the unit sponsoring the meeting or event. The proposal below outlines revised procedures for booking the ITV rooms for off-campus connections, and also outlines a fee schedule.

The fees only apply to meetings or classes that connect to off-campus locations. For the time being, no charges will be made for meetings or classes that only include the two New Jersey campuses of FDU.

When you book the room

·         You must request the room well in advance of your meeting, according to the schedule below:

Number of external sites

Lead time required

1 to 2 external sites

1 month (30 calendar days)

3 to 4 external sites

45 calendar days

5 to 6 external sites

2 months (60 calendar days)

7 external sites

3 months (90 calendar days)

More than 7 external sites

Not supported

The long lead times are required because all multi-site ITV conferences must be coordinated with NJEdge.Net, our state networking consortium.

Also, the testing required for multi-site meetings is considerably more complicated than for sites with fewer external sites. We need a longer lead time to ensure that your event will go smoothly and that sufficient time is allotted for coordination of testing.

Because a multi-site conference often involves personnel from NJEdge.Net, University Systems and Security, Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology, and technical personnel at each remote site, coordination can be very complicated and time-consuming. Furthermore all of the tests required must be conducted when the ITV room is not in use for classes, meetings, or other events. Since our ITV rooms are very heavily booked, scheduling time for testing can be challenging without very long lead times.

Technicians at Remote Sites

·         You must also arrange to have an ITV technician available at each remote site during the entire meeting, in order to re-establish a connection if it is lost during your meeting. The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology cannot take responsibility for lost meeting time due to technical failures at remote sites.

·         In order to communicate successfully with our ITV technicians, the technical personnel at the remote site(s) must speak fluent English or one of the languages spoken by one of our technicians

o    If the technical personnel at the remote site are unable to speak any of the supported languages fluently, a translator must be provided for all pre-meeting communications, testing, and for the entire duration of your event. If no translator can be provided, we will be unable to support the connection.


·         If the initial test is not successful, we will offer you two options.

o    Drop the site from your meeting, or

o    Chargeback for technical troubleshooting. We will give you a cost estimate before troubleshooting begins so that you may decide whether to proceed or not. Troubleshooting when an initial test fails is extremely complicated and time-consuming and requires the work of several people from the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology and University Systems and Security. If we reach your limit without finding a solution, we will discontinue testing and cancel the troubleshooting chargeback, and notify you that a connection with the remote site cannot be established. In this case you will need to identify alternative sites for your meeting, assuming that there is still sufficient time to conduct additional testing.

o    The fee for technical troubleshooting substantially higher for personnel time outside of regular office hours. This often happens when overseas sites are tested, due to time differences; or when the ITV room is fully booked during regular business hours.