Paralegal Studies FAQs

Application and acceptance

Q: Is the Official Transcript needed to submit with my application?

A: An unofficial copy of your transcript will suffice for the application process. However, in order to receive a Certificate of Completion and Final Transcript, a student must ensure that all official transcripts from prior educational institutions and transcript evaluation for international degrees, if applicable, were received.

Q: Can I transfer credits from another college/university?

A: The program is a non-credit, post-baccalaureate certificate program which is offered as a co-hort as a 6-month day program or 12-month evening program. There are nine courses contained in the co-hort. We do not offer individual courses, therefore, we cannot transfer in any coursework/ credits from another college/university.

Q: What if I have a foreign degree?

A: We require an official evaluation of the foreign degree for admission to the Program. You can have the evaluation done by a service such as WES or Globe

Q: Will I have to take a TOEFL Exam?

A: It is the University policy that all students with a degree obtained in a foreign country to take the TOEFL exam.FDU's minimum acceptable scores are the following:

  • Internet-based: 79
  • Computer-based: 213
  • Paper-based: 550

However, we can waive this policy on a limited basis and accept an alternate for language proficiency. For more information on the TOEFL exam you can contact or

Q: Can I register for a course that is full or has already started?

A: The program is offered three times a year: Spring (March), Summer (June) and Fall (October). Registration is accepted until the first day of class in each session. Registration is limited to seating capacity. However, the administration has the discretion to offer an additional section of the Program if there are a large number of registrants. Please check our website or contact the Administrative Office at 877-FDU-5222 for additional information regarding dates of class starts.

Q: When will I receive confirmation of my acceptance?

A: You will receive a letter of acceptance and registration packet approximately one week after receipt and review of all required application materials. Upon submission of a signed registration form and $75.00 registration fee, you will be able to view your schedule and bill within 10 days on Webadvisor. A week prior to the start of the program, you will receive an email from a staff member of the Paralegal Administration on where to report for the first day of class and course material. On the first day of class, you will attend an orientation where your schedule will be disbursed.

Q: Is there bus or train service to the campuses?

A: Public transportation is available and/or conveniently located for all three program locations. Contact NJ Transit at for more information.

The courses

Q: How do I log into Webadvisor?

A: You will first need to set up a Webmail account. You can do so by going to Under the WEBSHORTCUTS drop down box select Office 365. In the column located at the right you should select "Create New Account." Once your account is created a temporary Webadvisor ID will be sent to you. If assistance is needed you can contact the HELP DESK at 973-443-8822.

Q: How much course work is required outside of the classroom?

A: Each course varies in the amount of work expected to be completed outside the classroom, but all courses require reading, completing assignments and studying for exams. Students should be organized and try to schedule some dedicated, distraction free time to devote to the course work.

Q: Are there attendance requirements?

A: Students are required to attend lectures as mandated by the American Bar Association. Students must maintain a certain amount of individual class hours in order to fulfill these requirements. Any student that misses more than 3 classes in Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, or Real Estate Law, more than 2 classes in Criminal Law, Family Law, Legal Research & Writing, Estates Trusts & Wills, or the Legal Specialty course, and/or more than 1 class in Ethics will automatically be required to repeat the course and charged the current rate for the course.

At the discretion of the instructor, any student that arrives late for class or leaves early on a consistent basis and/or in an excessive manner will be penalized. Students will receive an absence for every three late arrivals to or early departures from class.

Q: What is a passing score in each paralegal course?

A: Students must earn a minimum of 65 percent in each course. Class assignments and exams will be administered. Participants must achieve an overall score of 65 percent or higher in the program to graduate.

Transfers, cancellations, postponements

Q: May I attend classes in a different location?

A: Yes. When you register for the program, you are registered for the program as cohort in the day or evening session in one location. However, as a Continuing Education program for adult learners, we will work with students with extenuating circumstances on an as needed basis to allow students to switch sessions or locations and complete the courses required to earn the Certificate of Completion.

Students may also register to take additional legal specialty courses in other sessions and campuses at a reduced rate.

Q: Can a student transfer from a day to an evening course?

A: Yes. Students can transfer between the day and evening session or switch campuses if needed. The administration will work with the student to create a calendar that will allow the student to complete the program at their earliest possible convenience.

Q: What if I experience a difficult life event and must withdraw from the program?

A: If a leave of absence is required due to serious illness or personal issues, please contact the Associate Dean of Legal Studies. A request for a leave of absence must be made in writing. A student who has been granted a leave of absence will be discontinued from the Program, unless the student returns within a year. Beyond a year, the leave of absence will convert to a withdrawal from the Program and students will be charged the current rate for any course that needs to be completed. Exceptions to this policy will be made on a very limited basis.

Q: What is the cancellation and/or refund policy?

Withdrawal from the Program: Students must submit a written notice to the Associate Dean of Legal Studies via certified mail. The effective date of notification will be the date of receipt. Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal. Any student wishing to withdraw or to rejoin the Program at a later time will have to secure permission from the Associate Dean of Legal Studies and will be charged the current rate for any course that needs to be completed.

Q: What if I am planning on moving out of state?

A: You could take the course and work in another state. As an American Bar Association approved program, we are recognized nationally and use national textbooks, as well as teach NJ law.

Q: Does the Paralegal course provide me with college credits?

A: Students, who have successfully completed the FDU Paralegal Studies Program and can supply the Certificate of Completion demonstrating passing scores and the Certificate Award, may utilize this documentation to receive up to 18 undergraduate "free elective" college credits at FDU. These credits can only be posted toward an FDU undergraduate degree after the completion of 6 (six) weighted FDU undergraduate college credits.

Receipt of the entire 18 credits is dependent upon the curriculum and the availability of free electives within that degree program. The student should be prepared to supply the Paralegal Certificate and scores with a copy of their FDU Degree Check Sheet and an official FDU transcript to the Director, Adult Education who will assist the student with the receipt of undergraduate college credit for this program. For information and assistance, students may call or email Dr. Hart at (201) 692-6508 or

Upon completion of the FDU Paralegal Studies Certificate, students can transfer in a maximum of 6 credits to the Master of Administrative Science program. Students must follow the application & registration process. After successful completion of their first semester in the MAS program, students will need to submit the Paralegal Studies Certificate to the MAS office for transfer credits in lieu of MADS 6719 ST: Litigation Preparation & Administration and MADS 6635 Legal Research Methods & Analysis. For additional information, please contact the School of Administrative Science, (201) 692-7171 or

Students who attend other colleges and universities should inquire with the Advising Staff at said institution to determine if FDU's Paralegal Program can be awarded college credit.

Q: Will graduates be able to sit for the NALA CP exam?

A: Certification is the process through which an organization grants formal recognition to a paralegal who meets certain established requirements, including formal training, work experience, and passing an examination. Certification signifies to employers and clients that these paralegals possess a specified level of understanding and competence in the field. Once a paralegal has met these criteria, they may use the designation Certified Paralegal or CP. NALA testing months are January, May and September. Fairleigh Dickinson University is an approved testing site and offers assistance with reviews for the test. Visit for more information.

Q: How many students have gotten jobs?

A: Based on data collected to date, out of the 200-300 students per year that took the program, for the 2013 academic year, the on-time graduation rate was approximately 4 out of 5 students or 82% and the job placement rate for those working was approximately 4 out of 5 students or 86%.

Financial Information and Payment

Q: What forms of payment are acceptable?

A: The University accepts cash, checks, money orders, VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit card payments. Invoices will be mailed out periodically throughout the semester.

Q: How do I finance the program?

A: A sample list of loan options can be found at the following link, However, choosing the right lender is the student's responsibility. Please feel free to contact Jessica Presco-Georgianni in the Office of Enrollment Services at 973-443-8618 or for further information.

Q: What if I pay my tuition and decide to apply for a loan?

A: As soon as the University receives your loan money a refund check will be processed and mailed to your address on record.

Q: Does Fairleigh Dickinson University offer a payment plan for those who need to pay their balance in installments?

A: Yes, upon acceptance into the Paralegal Program a registration packet will be mailed to your home address. If you are attending the Day Program your installment payments are divided over 6 consecutive months. If you are attending the Evening Program your installments are divided over 12 consecutive months. In addition, you may opt to have your credit card automatically charged by completing an additional authorization form. A $15.00 per month penalty will be assessed for all payments received after the scheduled due dates. All contracts will be mailed in an acceptance package along with the registration form. If you need a copy of the Payment Plan contracts, please feel free to call Jessica Presco-Georgianni in Enrollment Services at 973-443-8618 or email her at

Q: What if I have further questions?

A: Please contact the Administrative Office: 877-FDU-5222 or

For Financial questions, contact Jessica Presco Georgianni in Enrollment Services at 973-443-8618 or