Why Choose FDU's Paralegal Studies Program

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Six reasons why so many students choose Fairleigh Dickinson University's
Paralegal Studies Program


1.  When choosing a Paralegal Program, always look for this Mark of  
                    "Approved by the American Bar Association"

        The American Bar Association takes an active role in establishing professional standards 
         for legal assistants and gives its approval to qualified paralegal training programs.

2.  Two attractive and easy-to-reach
      locations.                                                                                     ParaPic 5 LOGO

         The Program is offered through the Petrocelli College of
         Continuing Studies in Bergen and Morris counties.

        Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck - Located in Bergen
 just five miles from the George Washington Bridge.

        Florham Campus, Madison - Near historic Morristown and 
        many of Morris County's leading corporate centers.


3.  Convenient day or evening programs to allow you to study or work fulltime

        You can complete the Day Program in just six months. Classes meet
        Monday through Thursday 9:30am - 12:30pm. in all three locations.
        Occasional Fridays (9:30am-12:30pm) are scheduled as make-up dates.        

       The Evening Program is designed to accommodate students who wish to continue 
       full-time  employment during the course of the program.  Twelve months in 
       duration, the program meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:30-9:30pm).
       Occasional Saturdays (9:30am-12:30pm) are scheduled as make-up dates.

4. Instruction by accomplished professionals.

       The faculty is comprised of experienced attorneys who specialize in the area of the 
       law which they are teaching. Many are associated with some of the leading law firms   
       and corporations in the region.

5. Opportunities for on-the-job experience

       Optional External Experience Opportunities are available to students which provides practical
       hands-on experience that supplements classroom lectures and reading. A limited
       number of positions are available with law firms, corporate legal departments and
       government agencies throughout the State. The employer reviews your resumes, selects 
       candidates and arranges work schedules.

6. Counseled by a leading Board of Advisors

      The quality of the Program is greatly enhanced by a distinguished Board of Advisors.
      The Board is instrumental in adapting the latest developments in the legal field to the
      Program's curriculum, and in providing continued input on employment
      opportunities. Its members also serve as important contacts for securing the finest
      faculty and lecturers available.