Royal N. Ronning, Jr., Esq.

Royal N. Ronning, Jr. LLC

Active as an attorney for more than 25 years, Mr. Ronning has spent much of his career in corporations and major law firms representing clients in intellectual property and commercial matters, specializing in biotechnology patent matters and sale/transfer and licensing of intellectual property.  He has worked  with major pharmaceutical and research tool corporations, including Wyeth/Pfizer and Amersham Biosciences/General Electric, and was of counsel at Kenyon and Kenyon in New York City.  In 2011, he founded and established Royal N. Ronning, Jr. LLC (, a diversified law practice with offices in Dover, NJ.  He continues to represent clients in intellectual property matters, but also offers commercial financing and corporate advice, and represents clients in an array of matters ranging from immigration to real estate transactions to bankruptcy.  He is skilled in alternate dispute resolution techniques, and has used these to his clients’ advantage in many matters.   In addition to this, he holds degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry, and worked as a scientist/consultant for nearly 10 years before law school.