Loan Programs

Paralegal Studies Program
285 Madison Ave., M-DH2-02, Madison, NJ 07940
Telephone: 877-FDU-5222
Fax: 973-443-8524

Contact Information for Some Private Lending Sources

Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan

Sallie Mae

PNC Bank Solution Loan

FDU Credit Union
Students must be accepted into the program to be eligible for membership into the FDU Credit Union. For information on rates and benefits, visit the FDU FCU Website at or call 973-301-0931.

Veterans Services at FDU

There may be other financial options available to you. Students are advised to consult their local banks, the credit union at their place of employment, and the FDU Credit Union. Students should also contact their human resources department for corporate reimbursement, if applicable. As you and your family research potential lenders, keep in mind that alternative/private loans:

  • Are NOT guaranteed by the federal government;
  • Have varying terms and conditions, depending on the lender;
  • Generally have higher interest rates; and
  • Often require a co-signer.

Most lenders have informative web sites, and we encourage students to visit and carefully review these sites as they consider their options.

The actual amount a person can borrow varies according to each student's individual financial circumstance. Other variables include the cost of attendance, financial aid resources and the loan limits imposed by the lender.

Unlike federally-guaranteed student loans, lending institutions that offer alternative student loans may impose certain requirements. In most cases, a student must have:

  • a good credit history and
  • a low debt-to-income ratio.

Since a credit check is likely, not everyone is approved for an alternative loan.

NOTE: Students and parents must apply for alternative/private loans on their own initiative. Fairleigh Dickinson University does not originate any applications or paperwork.

If you are using an alternative/private loan, be sure to apply early!

Once the lender must determine eligibility for the loan, students and parents must apply early to ensure that the loans will be approved by the time each semester's bill is due.

Please note that loans will not be certified for more than $1000.00 over the cost of tuition. The Paralegal Studies program is not eligible for federal loans. You should be looking for private loans; specifically, continuing education / career training loans. You will be seeking a certificate, not a degree.