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About Digital Forensics Certificate Classes

Over 80% of the population uses one or more mobile devices and many of those will be involved in a policy violation or a crime. These classes are a very good way for students, law enforcement personnel, lawyers, private investigators, security professionals, and those who with an interest in digital forensics to improve their knowledge in seizure and examination of potential evidence on mobile devices.

The Continuing Education Program currently offers the following Digital Forensics Certificate classes:

  • Introduction to Cell Phone Forensics

  • Introduction to Digital Camera Forensics

  • Introduction to FRED Station and Encase

  • Introduction to GPS Forensics

  • Introduction to IPAD Forensics

  • Introduction to Legacy Device Forensics



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About the Instructor


Eamon Doherty, Ph.D., CCE, CPP, SSCP

Eamon Doherty,  CCE, CPP, CISSP, SSCP

Dr. Eamon Doherty is the Cybercrime Training Lab Director as well as a professor in Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU). Dr. Doherty earned a Certificate in PDA Forensics as well as a Certificate in Computer Security and Forensic Administration. He has recently written a book entitled, "Tales of Cybercrime and Other Cyber Tales ". Dr. Doherty has also written a textbook for CRC Press entitled, “Digital Forensics For Handheld Devices.”

For more information, visit Dr. Doherty’s Faculty Biography page.