GIS Specialization Program

New for 2010: 18 Undergraduate Credits
Specialization in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) -
Preparing Global Citizens with Geospatial Knowledge

Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies now offers this program that examines relationships between people and products based on location. Whether in business planning such as site selection for a new store location or following an efficient delivery route, GIS uses a database management system to build successful resource allocation plans. Allocation of resources in a timely manner is vital to the success of organizations. By means of geographic information systems, people and computers interact to allocate a resources such as shared services for crime intervention, emergency response and other environmental public health issues. 

An interdisciplinary approach, GIS incorporates the collection and documentation of data with storage and retrieval components for analysis and discovery to implement critical decision-making techniques. First responders have access to life-saving and life-threatening information that is stored and retrieved from GIS. Using spatial analysis tools like ArcGIS software, online map servers, and database management systems, students in this program will gain a different point of view from their general course of studies.

Map your Future: GIS project management assists decision makers in developing, executing, and mitigating emergency response, environmental and other public interest plans.

GIS students gain added value in their studies as they prepare to work in public health and medicine, natural and environmental science, natural and emergency resource management, as well as in social science and social justice careers. Careers in Public Administration, Environmental Health, Emergency Management, and Enterprise database systems use GIS.  

Earn: Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies
Learn: Technology that puts Location into place

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GIS Specialization Study 

Geospatial Technology
Hands-on Interactive Learning

Choose six out of eight courses

Fundamental applications in Geographic Information Systems

Geospatial Data Collection –
GPS methods and metadata documentation

 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing

 Functional applications of GIS

Geospatial Database Systems

 Enterprise Computing with GIS

Business/Industry Crisis Administration

GIS and Emergency Response

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