Private Lessons and Scooter Basics

Series of Safety Riding Classes in NJ
Begin at FDU

Want to ride on two wheels?

Take a One-on One Riding Safety Class


Tutorial Private Lessons
2-hour sessions: $150 per session

Students find that one-on-one training is an added bonus to learning in the group class. Do you have your motorcycle license and are returning to ride after a few years? Are you concerned about riding safely on your own motorcycle or scooter? Treat yourself to individualized One-on-One Coaching. These lessons can be taken on our motorcycles or on a student-owned two-wheeled vehicle (registration & proof of insurance required).

Tutorial Students with a motorcycle license should inquire about Additional Practice Riding Course or BRC-2 (Defensive Driving) discounts. BRC Students may add two hours of private lessons as part of the Rider Training Series.

Prerequisite: Motorcycle License (any state) or Motorcycle Permit required. Student-owned vehicles must pass the T-CLOCS inspection. Minors must provide written parental or guardian approval.

Scooter Riders find Safety Academy in NJ at FDU

Although the Scooter Basic RiderCourse (SBRC) is not offered for the Road Test Waiver in NJ, persons interested in obtaining the required motorcycle license in NJ find the BRC safety instruction at FDU is helpful in preparing to ride (and safely drive) the streets of New Jersey.

FDU is your foremost academic training center in NJ. We specialize in education, recognizing the different needs and skill sets of our students. Several options are available for the prospective scooter rider.

Develop Academic Skills for Riding a Scooter Safely
Lessons to Learn...

Private Tutorial Lessons
2 hours on your Scooter: $150
2 hours on FDU Motorcycle: $150


We have three of our own separate riding areas at the Metropolitan Campus in Teaneck, and weekday classes. We can provide safety instruction according to your personal morning or afternoon schedule. Our Program Coordinator will be happy to schedule a private lesson to get you started. Bring your scooter (on a trailer is fine) to our location for this one-on-one instruction. This will bring a comfort level in your balance and vehicle controls. Complete the 2-hour Private Lesson, with a few options to prepare for the MVC Road Test.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course

Basic RiderCourse (BRC): $300
Group Lessons on FDU Motorcycles


The MSF Basic RiderCourse (BRC) is designed to teach risk assessment and risk managment to operators of two-wheeled vehicles. You can take the BRC on our motorcycle in a group class. This will provide the classroom modules for risk assessment and risk management that build confidence in riding. Of course, the BRC includes riding, shifting, turning and stopping on our motorcycles. At the end of the BRC, if you have fully participated in a successful manner, the Road Test Waiver may be yours to qualify for a motorcycle license in NJ.


Private Basic RiderCourse
Up to 5 people: $1,200
On Student Motorcycle/Scooter


You can take a Private BRC on your own scooter (inquire about SoloBRC rates). Bring a few friends on their scooters and split the cost.

Our safety education rises above learning to use the controls of a two-wheeled vehicle. We improve your confidence with student-centered learning techniques. We ask that you are fully present in mind and body while taking these courses. That is where the "Student-Centered" position is most important. It is YOUR ride!

Requirements: You will need  proper gear, a valid NJ Driver's license or Motorcycle Permit with Photo I.D. and FULL PRESENECE of MIND.

Ask to speak with our Program Director for additional information about how FDU can meet the needs of the scooter riding community.

(c) 2013 Fairleigh Dickinson University; FDU Motorcycle Safety Education Program reserves all rights to schedule and rate changes. This information is to be used as a guideline, and is updated as often as possible.

Thank you and safe riding.