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 TAKE A SAFETY COURSE. After all, you tune up your motorcycle in order to maintain it in top operating condition, why not do the same for yourself? You’ll be glad you have taken the time to improve your riding "health." 

Special Group Rates are available.
Call 201-692-6500 for details

MSF Advanced RiderCourse: $150


Want to Lower your Risk-Scale Rating?

 Even for our experienced riders,the MSF has designed something new for you to learn. Fine-tune your hazard perception and riding skills with the full-day Advanced RiderCourse. Through both Classroom and Range exercises, you will explore greater depths to your riding techniques for braking, cornering and swerving.

014msp_ARC HALF

Rider Perception is the focus of this course - what do you SEE when you ride? What do you THINK when you ride? How do you PREPARE to RIDE, both Mentally and Physically? Explore the Critical Thinking as you become a serious rider... Not just for Sport Bikes anymore.


Individual Practice Riding


Practice Lesson on Your Motorcycle
90-minutes Private Riding Lesson: $150
This sesson completes the Rider Training Series.

Are you new to riding and want to reinforce your safety knowledge? Ride your motorcycle or scooter to our range for a day of skill development and practice riding. This  Practice Lesson is designed for the graduated BRC students looking to gain practice on their own two-wheeled vehicle. Basic safety concepts and pre-ride check will be reviewed before riding begins.

Prerequisite: Skill sets from the BRC. Student owned motorcycle or scooter with current registration and proof of insurance. Current Motorcycle License is required. Check Tire Pressure COLD, Ride to our Range. T-CLOCS Inspection Required. Minors must supply written parental or guardian approval.

1-on1 Additional Practice Riding Lesson

Additional Practice Riding Lessons
Classroom And Riding: $300.00

 Did you take the BRC and would like more practice riding time? This one-day course begins with a brief classroom refresher and finishes with 4 or more hours of riding practice on FDU motorcycles. Riding concludes with second level BRC range exercises. This class can be used as a retest option if you completed the BRC more than 30 days and less than 180 days from your BRC.

Prerequisite: Skill sets from the BRC along with a Motorcycle Permit or current Driver's License Photo ID. Retest option available to students who meet NJ MVC requirements.

2016 Riding Safety for Groups

Basic RiderCourse 2 (BRC-2)
Group Rate: $975 for up to 12 students
5-hour course: includes classroom and riding

 Groups or clubs sometimes are looking for riding only, without a classroom session. Prepare for a variety of street riding situations encountered every day. This riding-only refresher class renews basic riding skills on your own motorcycle or scooter. Speeds are higher than in the BRC. Check Tire Pressure COLD, Ride to our Range. Groups only should apply.

Prerequisite: Riders should already have basic skills but are not required to have taken the BRC. Student owned motorcycle with current registration, proof of insurance and T-CLOCS motorcycle Inspection. Current Motorcycle License is required. Minors must supply written parental or guardian approval.

Ride to your NJ MVC 2-point Reduction
 Riding a Defensive Driving Course

Basic RiderCourse 2-Skills Plus
(MSF's BRC-2 Waiver Course)
Classroom & Riding (BRC-2): $125; Passengers: $25
Refer a Friend and receive $25 discount

 Group discounts available for Club Safety Captains.

Successful completion of this course qualifies NJ riders for a two-point reduction of traffic violation points, and possible insurance discounts. Sharpen your street riding awareness and hone your street survival riding skills. Begin in the classroom to discuss safety concepts along with past riding experiences and to improve current knowledge. Experienced riders get the chance to familiarize themselves with a new bike. No matter how long you've been riding, the BRC-2 will challenge your skills.

You will participate in 90 minutes of classroom time concluded with a written knowledge test, and a minimum of four hours of riding on your own motorcycle or scooter. Polish those riding skills that motorcycle accident research has shown were lacking in those riders who crashed. Passengers are permitted - get a feel for riding two-up and how it can change the bike's handling characteristics. Prerequisite: Riders should already have basic skills but are not required to have taken the BRC. Check Tire Pressure COLD, Ride to our Classroom. Student owned motorcycle with current registration, proof of insurance and T-CLOCS Inspection. Current Motorcycle License is required. Minors must supply written parental or guardian approval.

Please note: Participation does not guarantee successful completion. Students may be removed if they can not meet the objectives of riding exercises and will not be eligible for a refund.


 What Requirements must I meet?

  • Driver's License with a Motorcycle endorsement.
  • Your own motorcycle. If borrowed, must present written note signed by the owner, authorizing its use for the MSF course.
  • Current motorcycle insurance and registration.
  • A mechanically sound motorcycle with properly inflated tires and fully charged battery. *
  • DOT approved helmet with visor or eye protection.
  • All protective gear. Students without proper riding gear will be dismissed.
  • Prompt, 100% attendance, in the order the curriculum is presented.
  • Rain gear, snacks and beverages.
  • Late students WILL be dismissed (see Cancellation Policy).

    NOTE: Riders must successfully achieve the objectives of Exercise 1, Control at Low Speed, in order to continue. They must also successfully achieve the objectives of subsequent exercises in order to complete the course. BRC-2b SKILLS PLUS: If in the experience of the RiderCoach, the Rider is not experienced enough to carry a passenger, they will be required to complete the riding solo. Passengers participating in the course must not adversely affect the safety and learning for other participants in the program.

    *BRC-2 students will receive a motorcycle inspection list after registration, outlining the operation condition with which the motorcycle must comply. If, according to MSF standards, the motorcycle is in an unsafe state of repair, the student will not be allowed to continue with the program, nor will they be eligible for a refund.
    Please check tire pressure COLD before riding to your course.
  • Read BRC-2 Classroom cards and T-CLOCS motorcycle Inspections prior to class

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FDU Motorcycle Safety Education Program has been approved by the MVC Director of Driver Testing, to offer the NJ Motorcycle Safety Education courses.




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