Who Rides at FDU?

20 years: Our Riders Share the Passion

Fairleigh Dickinson University honors the contributions of all our RiderCoaches and students.

Our students tell us:


2017: I really enjoyed this course. From the time I started, with no riding skill at all, to now, I feel the instruction and course was exactly how I hoped it would be. Thank you!
2016: I had a wonderful experience at the beginning rider course today. I had taken one in 2004 in another state and this one was light years better and more informative. It was really so helpful. I learned a lot and I am so much more confident. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. (And as a lady rider, they treated me equally and fairly which I also really appreciate.)
2016: I would just like to say how great of an experience I had this weekend with coaches Marc and Rick as they were our instructors for the BRC. This is a great course and in the matter of two days I felt extremely comfortable both on the bike and off the bike knowing the material.
2013:I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I’m very pleased and satisfied with the BRC course that my wife and I took this past weekend. Larry and Rob were superb in teaching us the skills and necessary safety procedures. They are very good instructors, really nice people. Kudos to them.

We pass the course and we are planning to take more courses with the FDU motorcycle program in the near future. There are lots of skills to improve before we can call us Real Riders, but the basic skills that Rob and Larry gave to us will follow us forever. I’ll remember them forever.

This course and instructors gave us all the confidence we need to learn more and more about motorcycles. It was so nice that we are recommending it to all our friends and family. Once again, thank you very much.

2012: Great motorcycle course! Thanks.
2011: I took the MSF Basic Rider Course almost a month ago. I just wanted to say my instructors had a huge impact on the way I ride. Their passion for safe riding, experience, and patience helped me go from never riding a bike in my life to practicing everything they've taught me so I can stay safe on the road. They've even convinced me to take another course in the spring just to make sure I've gotten better. Thanks for having them teach at FDU.
2010: The progression of the range exercises enabled a new rider like myself to go from simple skills such as establishing the friction zone, to cornering with ease. Using the SEE tool and learning slow, look, lean, press and roll are aspects of riding I would have definitely missed out on by not taking the BRC. Thank you for the great experience. Best Regards - Ryan A Connell, MA 

11/12/2009: Many thanks for presenting the course, and please extend my sincere thanks to Jonathan and Gary. Yours - Craig Levine
2008: I learned soo much more than if I had a friend or loved one teach me on the fly!  Thanks!! You saved me a lot potential bruises and scratches that could have resulted from learning on my own!! Thanks again - Maritza Aviles, MTC Technologies

Our Team of RiderCoaches:


Jack, John, Paul, and Renee - 20 years and counting! Rick and Mary keep us rolling! Shout out to Irene, Jeremy, Bruce, Tom, Jonathan, Ron, Don, Marc, Robert, Sal, John A, Larry, Brandon, Dennis, Adam, Gary, Kerri, Ralph, Ron, Alan, Donna, and TONY!
Our team members have a genuine passion for helping every rider improve their skills. As the MSF curriculum evolved, our certified RSS Instructors were trained as BRC RiderCoaches. We salute their dedication to lifelong learning, safety education and professional conduct as outlined in the MSF RiderCoach Guide. You may see RiderCoaches at other training sites who may have mentored here after the FDU-RiderCoach Prep Course.
This page is in honor of, and dedicated to, Ed Rogers, Instructor/RiderCoach. His safety expertise and GIS knowledge paved the way for many serious enthusiasts.



 FDU Experienced Riders

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In memory of Mike McCarthy whose contribution to police, motorcyclist and pedestrian safety will be remembered by all whose lives he touched.

In memory of Mikey O - for his dedication to Safety and in building the Andiamo charity run.

Salute to Dave Barr, double amputee who authored "Riding the Edge" and "Riding the Ice" that describe his adventures on the modified Harley-Davidson his father encouraged him to build after his unfortunate injuries. His most recent "Southern Cross" ride to the 4 geographic borders of Australia is documented on film. Dave shared his story at FDU in honor of Veteran's Day 2001. Connect with Dave on Facebook.

We appreciate our former teammates that have moved away, or onto new adventures: George Behrman, George Funari, John Garcia, Brian Timmons, J.B. Gauthier, John Carlos Inagaki, Alex Brofsky, Tim James, Miko Velez, Sue O'Hearn, Nick Puluso, Greg Ruesch, Jim Takacs, Robert Zurich, Donna Zurich, Lori O'Rourke, Daniel Hardoon, John Hutchison, Allan Attanasio, Dave Bellizzi, Mike Dobias, Howard Karp, Gerry G, Harald Schmidt, Richard Brooks, Rich Skinner, Sandy Smith, Don Willmot, Bob Ridarick  and Anne Marie Newman. Kudos to Kelly McConnell , one awesome Hoka Hey Challenge Chick.

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