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We ARE your Motorcycle Safety Training Academy

Have you always wanted to ride a motorcycle but don't know how to get started? Our Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) series rises above learning to use the controls of a two-wheeled vehicle and moves you into the riding experience.

Private Lessons for Beginners and Returning Riders
BRC; Level 2 Riding Lessons on FDU Motorcycles
BRC2; Advanced RidersCourse on Student Motorcycles
Experience the MSF Basic RiderCourse suite at FDU

Build your confidence with student-centered learning techniques. FDU asks that you are fully present in mind and body while taking our courses, where the "Student-Centered" role is most important. It is YOUR ride! Make your learning to ride a rewarding experience.

NJ, NY, CT, PA Students Welcome

Rider Safety Training Series

Start your training with the FDU learning package that allows you, the student, to advance through a series of well-defined motorcycle safety courses with Certified MSF RiderCoaches. Manage your skill set by building upon your interest for motorcycling to a stronger appreciation of controls and riding skills. Move from beginner to intermediate rider as you complete the BRC with a second Level 2 ridiing session or with TWO HOURS of private instruction (your motorcycle or ours). Ride with Confidence! The BRC2 and ARC are ridden on Student Motorcycles that must meet T-CLOCS inspection.

Pre-register for the series and save $50. Program Director approval required to exchange sequence. One time no-charge BRC or private lesson date transfer allowed after BRC is concluded.

MSF Basic e-Course > Private Lessons > BRC > Additional Level 2 Riding > BRC2 > ARC

Discount with advanced registration

You have the option to start learning with the online MSF e-Course (approximately $19.99). You can still begin your BRC or Private Lesson with FDU if you opt not to take the MSF e-Course.

Beginners and Returning Riders
Ages 17 and Above


Our years of experience as an academic institution providing motorcycle safety education stand alone. Our Program Director, as a co-founder of the NJ Motorcycle Safety Coalition (supported by NJ Highway Traffic Safety), has developed this program based upon safety needs of the motorcycling community . We are here to grow your confidence, providing insight to situations and strategies that build assurance in your responsibility as a safe motorcycle operator. You make the decision.

Basic RiderCourse
Mid-Week and Week-ends
Select 2 1/2-days or 2-days (BRC): $325 (lock into $315 pricing with 2016 Autumn Specials)
Grift Certificates are here for 2016.

This is a riding and classroom course in our Rider Training Series. Put your focus to the test with this physically and mentally demanding course. A lot is packed into this training. The MSF allows for up to 12 students for every 2 RiderCoaches. FDU generally runs this course with 10 to 12 students.

Interactive classroom instruction prepares you with concepts and strategies for two levels of practical riding in about ten hours within a controlled, closed course environment. You will learn basic motorcycle operation, strategies to stay safe, and how to maneuver a motorcycle in tough situations - including swerving, avoiding collisions, special situations, lane changes and avoiding hazards. Successful completion qualifies you, with a valid NJ Driver’s license, to receive the NJ MVC Road Test waiver. Insurance premium discounts are available with some motorcycle insurers by showing the BRC Completion Card from the MSF. First Responders Rebate may be available at your local Harley-Davidson dealership. Not a Harley rider? Check with your local dealership for other Maufacturer rebates or discounts with you MSF Completion Card.

Motorcycles and helmets are provided.
Student Training bikes are 125 cc and 250 cc engine size.

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 Our attention is to your safety. We provide standard training motorcycles along with current full-face and ¾ motorcycle helmets with face shields. Did your first bicycle have training wheels? We are your training wheels of motorcycles; building your safety awareness! Students may be removed if they cannot meet the safety objectives of riding exercises. A Written Knowledge Test is given in English; please be prepared. Let us know if you prefer to take the Oral Knowledge Test. BRC completion opens your safety journey to a 2-hour private lesson or the Additional Practice Riding Course (APRC) as the next stage in the Rider Training Series. Students may select a two hour private lesson on FDU or student-owned motorcycles. See our Resources Page for additional information.

Prerequisite: NO MOTORCYCLE PERMIT is needed with a current automobile Driver's License. No experience necessary, but you must have a good sense of balance and the ability to ride a bicycle. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian sign approval for taking a course. You must supply proper Riding Gear (we supply helmets) and NJ Driver’s License or Motorcycle Permit with Photo ID.

Please NOTE: our curriculum provider, the MSF, has adopted a new Rider Handbook. This book is the new updated BRC 2014 Handbook. FDU has UPDATED for our RiderCoaches to learn the new curriculum. If you are registered at FDU, please email with your registration confirmation to request the current Handbook.

Rolling through the Rider Safety Training Series:
BRC > Additional Level 2 Riding or BRC2

This FDU learning package allows you, the student, to renew your skill set as you extend your experience with an Additional Level 2 Riding lesson or with TWO HOURS of private instruction. Ride with Confidence on your own motorcycle in the BRC2.

Pre-register for the series and save $50. Program Director approval required to exchange sequence. One time no-charge BRC or private lesson date transfer allowed after BRC is concluded.

Please visit Registration and Requirements for taking this course.

Rider Course with Road Test Waiver

Students from New Jersey who have a current Driver’s License qualify for the NJ Road Test Waiver after successful completion of the MSF Basic RiderCourse (BRC). Sometimes our students do not successfully complete the BRC. Students scoring above 40 on their Road Test are recommended to retake the BRC.

What if I Fail the Road Test at FDU?
Is there a BRC Retest?

You have options. FDU now offers those students who took the BRC and passed their Knowledge Test but not the Road Test 30 days to return for a one-time retest . NJ MVC recordkeeping requirements apply. Call our office for details to decide which is the best retest option for you.

One-Time Retest Session MUST RETEST at FDU: $50
Week-end Practice exercise and retest must be scheduled
Pre-registration Required.

 With your RiderCoach recommendation, we provide one practice exercise and the retest option for your BRC Completion Card. Sessions are scheduled on selected weekends as available.

Prerequisite: Taking the BRC at FDU within 30 days and scoring up to 26 points on your Skills Evaluation (Road Test). Bring your BRC Retest Voucher, License or Photo ID with Motorcycle Permit and your proper gear.

Private Remedial Lessons
2-hour Session: 1-on-1 coaching: $150
Add BRC Retest Fee: $25

This lesson includes remediation with our motorcycle and helmet based upon your Individual Skills Score sheet. As a returning student who has completed the BRC within 30 days you may obtain a retest upon RiderCoach recommendation after 90 minutes of one-on-one instruction. Rider Training Series students may seek approval from Program Director to substitute 90 minutes of the Remedial Lessons with Retest Option instead of the Additional Pracitice Riding after the BRC.

Prerequisite: Taking the BRC at FDU within 30 days and scoring up to 32 points on your Skills Evaluation (Road Test). Bring your BRC Retest Voucher with Individual Score sheet, proper gear, and License or Photo ID with your motorcycle permit. Minors need written parental approval.

Additional Level 2 Riding Session
Group Riding of Level 2 BRC with Retest Option: $160

Have you taken a basic course and need more practice? This Level 2 riding session give you an opportunity to further develop the skills learned in an entry level course. You must have recently taken a basic MSF course, regardless of passing. This includes BRCLevel 2 riding exercises and Skills Evaluation with classroom wrap-up. We provide motorcycles and helmets. Your RiderCoach will help you prepare for the retest. Prerequisite: Minors must have a parent or legal guardian sign approval for taking a course. For the Retest Option: you must have taken the BRC at FDU within 30 days and scored no more than 40 points on your Skills Evaluation (Road Test). Bring your BRC Retest Voucher with Individual Score sheet, NJ License or Permit, and gear.

What if I fail the Retest?

You still have options: Retake the BRC (we provide a discounted rate for returning strudents); OR take your road test at one of the NJ MVC Driver Testing Centers.

Can I take the Retest at another location?

 You may take the Additional Riding Practice Course at another location before retesting there. This includes additional riding and possible classroom instruction. State regulations apply so check with us before signing up at another location. The State of NJ requires that records are transferred between training providers, not students. NO EXCEPTIONS.


What should I learn about Motorcycling?

MSF Basic e-course

You have the option to start learning with the online MSF e-Course (approximately $19.99). Determine if motorcycling is a good personal choice for you. This interactive online course administered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) introduces risk-reducing motorcycle safety skills. The e-course, is self-directed through the MSF web site at your individual pace for understanding motorcycle safety awareness builds lifelong learning. Identify the primary parts and controls of a typical motorcycle. A self-assessment helps you become aware of the risks and requirements for being a confident, safe and responsible rider. Course fee for BRC may be adjusted with e-course receipt at time of registering for BRC at FDU.

Prerequisite: Computer system requirements are outlined online at

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FDU Motorcycle Safety Education Program has been approved by the MVC Director of Driver Testing, to offer the NJ Motorcycle Safety Education courses.

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