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2017 Registration
Rider Training Series includes
Starter: IME and BRC
Improved: BRC+BRC2
Advanced: BRC2 and ARC


Ask about First Responders Rebate
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Weekday & Weekend BRC Classes

2017 START March 4 with IME
BRC: 2 days (Start 7am BOTH days)
2 ½ days (Start 6pm; 7am; 7 am)

Our Motorcycles: 200cc dual sport,
250cc Standard or Ninja 250 & 125cc GN

Remember to get plenty of sleep.
Stay hydrated.

RiderCoaches may adjust Class Times.

SAVE $25 on BRC with a Friend
Located on our Metro Campus


TUNE-UP Rider Perception
Take a 1-day refresher class

Bring your own Motorcycle
(registered & insured)

Advanced Rider Training Series
(BRC2 & ARC)

Full Participation of Mind & Body is required.
Ask about "Bring-a-Friend" Rates too!

Host an Event for your Club
MSF Group Riding, Seasoned Riders

Take a Day: Recharge your Skills



Which RiderCourse?

You haven’t ridden your bicycle in years - MSF e-Course.

Begin with the Intro to Motorcycling Experience (IME)
2-hours in small group before your BRC - Starter Rider Training Series:

You took the BRC but have not ridden since your class.
- BRC Refresh: BRC Day1 & Day2 Riding.

You ride a bicycle & drive a manual shift car.You ride a bicycle & drive an automatic.
Improved Rider Training Series: BRC & BRC2.

You took the BRC & have been riding a motorcycle this past year
- Take the BRC2  and RIDE!

You took the BRC2 and want to rate your risk against your skills?
- Measure your Risk Scale: ARC

You took the BRC and RIDE but have not renewed your skills
- Advanced Rider Trainer Series: BRC2 and ARC.

Our Rider Training Series helps you build and refresh safety skills.
Starter Series: IME+BRC on FDU motorcycles
BRC Refresh: BRC Day1 and Day2 RIding on FDU motorcycles
Improved Series: BRC+BRC2
Advanced Series: BRC2+ARC

DETAILS: 201-692-6500

The FDU Motorcycle Safety Education Program is approved by the Chief Administrator of the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission to offer MSF courses in New Jersey, and is the premier site in Bergen County. NY and NJ approved Defensive Driving Course


Is Motorcycling right for you?

All courses require full participation.
Our MSF RiderCoach is here to guide you.

Start with Riding a Bicycle

Balancing on 2 wheels?
Take the online MSF e-Course and IME

IME, BRC and BRC Day2 Riding
on FDU motorcycles with our helmets too.

Rider Training Series discounts apply:
 - IME and BRC
 - BRC and BRC Day 2 Group Riding
 - BRC and BRC2
 - BRC Day1 and Day2 Riding (BRC refresh)
 - BRC2 and ARC.

COMPLETE Rider Training Series: IME+BRC+BRC2+ARC

Build and referesh your safety skills.
Call us TODAY: 201-692-6500

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