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NJ Motorcycle Safety Coalition

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Award Recipient
Clubs bring their Safety Captains to FDU for training

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3 ranges; set up for BRC and BRC-2
MSF approved ARC range, too!

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 Motorcycles at FDU
Yamaha XV250 (V-Star)
Kawasaki EX250 (Ninja)
Suzuki TU250
Suzuki GN125

Yamaha TW200 (dual-purpose)

Congratulations to Rick Penser -
RiderCoach Trainer, Site Coordinator!

FDU honors Women in Motorcycling
Female RiderCoaches

Miriam Romais (RiderCoach Trainer)
FDU Motorcycle Safety program co-founder
Renee Kornbluth
FDU RiderCoach biked through Isreal
Monica Suazo
First FDU trained female MSF RiderCoach
Donna Casavecchia
FDU RiderCoach and NY Cycle Guru Motorcycle School
Kerri Moser
2012 FDU RiderCoach Prep Graduate
Anne Marie Newman
Retired NJ Highway Traffic Safety Specialist
Suzanne O'Hearn
NJ Highway Traffic Safety Specialist

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Be a lifelong learner and take a safety course. Share the passion in our motorcycling community. Whether you are riding for the first time, rediscovering motorcycling after a long hiatus or honing your skills, FDU offers a course to suit your needs - so come ride with us, and ride with confidence!

Beginning in 2000, our Senior Program Director Joan Leder, has built the largest community of RiderCoaches at the single largest training site in Bergen County. In fact, she has supported female and male riders and RiderCoaches to pursue their motorcycling passions. A founding member of the NJ Motorcycle Safety Coalition, Joan encourages motorcycle safety awreness. She supported the RIDE2WIN Passport to "Be Smart, Ride Safe,Win Prizes" in NJ, presented by the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey with nearly 100 stops inside NJ where riders would qualify for prizes up to $2,500. An added bonus was offered through taking a safety class. Passports were picked up at any location listed on the web site or by asking for one after completing a motorcycle safety class at FDU.


Advancing into our eighteenth full season, FDU's Motorcycle Safety Education Program continues to offer the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum, focusing on crucial skills shown to be lacking in accident-involved motorcyclists. Choose from our progressive series of motorcycle safety education classes. Begin your riding journey with a 2 hour Private Lesson with One-on-One instruction and then take the Basic RiderCourse and cap off your skills with Additional Practice Riding Course or complete your licensing with a Retest Session. Bring your own motorcycle to the BRC-2 and experience slow-speed techniques for the daily rider. Advance to the MSF ARC with emphasis Rider Perception of cornering, braking and swerving techniques.

Co-founded by photographer Miriam Romais, one of the nation's premier female RiderCoach Trainers, Fairleigh Dickinson University is the longest established MSE program in Bergen County, NJ. Since 1997, we continue to provide quality coaching while building skills and confidence in our riders. Professional training can make motorcycling more enjoyable. In fact, learning life-saving techniques can increase your skills and confidence on the road.

Most of the participants of the 2004 Rockefeller Center Motorcycle Show in New York City were FDU MSF RiderCoaches. Sponsored by Discover Today’s Motorcycling was a "remarkable display of more than 40 milestone motorcycles from the 1960s to the present. MSF would like to thank Jonathan Blair, Paul Donoghue, Diane Howells, John Hutchison, Anne Marie Newman, Miriam Romais, and Robert Schwortz – RiderCoaches from New York and New Jersey who helped staff the event, sharing information about state-specific training locations, licensing requirements, and communicating to the public the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s five key safety message points: Get trained and licensed. Be a lifelong learner. Wear protective gear. Ride straight. Ride within your limits. "

To learn more about Discover Today's Motorcycling, visit


Since 1973, the MSF has set internationally recognized standards of excellence in motorcycle safety education and operating licensing. Want to learn more? Preview the MSF web site. Visit the NJ MVC website: for valuable licensing information.

The FDU Motorcycle Safety Education Program is approved by the Chief Administrator of the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission to offer MSF courses in New Jersey, and is the premier site in Bergen County.
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