Defensive Driving


Need a 2-Point Reduction?
Want an Insurance Premium Discount?

ONLINE on your timeframe.
No driving or riding involved. Allow 4-6 weeks for MVC processing.

Reduce Violation Points -- NJ MVC will remove two points from your driving record if you have incurred violations during the 18-month period prior to taking DDC. Submit the printed Request Form to order your driver abstract history. You may also order it online at NJ MVC through the Online Application form. See links to take ONLINE DDC in the comfort of your home.


6-hour Defensive Driving Course

Returning Defensive Driving Students

Impaired Drivers and Road Safety - One limits the other

Save Your Life - It has been estimated that 77 percent of accidents are due to driver error. The defensive driving course (DDC) addresses this directly, teaching how driver error is best avoided.

Insurance Discounts - for many years, DDC graduates have benefited with Reduction on Insurance Premiums. Currently, insurance companies in many states offer such discounts. In other states, where all companies are required by law to offer a discount, individual companies operating in those states offer premium reduction.

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6-hour Defensive Driving Course

Returning Defensive Driving Students

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Defensive Driving

Please Drive Safely

* Stay Alert

* Be Courteous

* Look Ahead

* Stay Right

* Use Turn Signals

* Pass Left

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