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ANIM 1650 - Game Design animation-gray-bar Design Documents
ANIM 2240 - Low Poly 3D Modeling animation-gray-bar Models
ANIM 2270 - ZBrush Digital Sculpting animation-gray-bar Sculpted Models
ANIM 2285 - 3D Asset Creation for Video Games animation-gray-bar Game Assets
ANIM 2300 - Texturing for 3D Production animation-gray-bar Textured Objects
ANIM 2350 - Mudbox animation-gray-bar Sculpted Heads
ANIM 2500 - 3D Computer Animation animation-gray-bar Linked Object Animations
ANIM 3250 - 3D Particle Animation and Effects animation-gray-bar 3D Particle Animations
ANIM 3307 - Flash animation-gray-bar 2D Vector Projects
ANIM 3308 - Intermediate Flash animation-gray-bar Games and Banner Ads
ANIM 3330 - 3D Environment Modeling
animation-gray-bar Controlled Lighting
animation-gray-bar Custom Texturing
animation-gray-bar Interior Environments
animation-gray-bar Exterior Environments
ANIM 3340 - Character Animation using Biped animation-gray-bar Character Designs/3D Models
animation-gray-bar Biped Animations
ANIM 3341 - Character Animation using CAT animation-gray-bar Character Designs/Models
animation-gray-bar CAT Animations
ANIM 3345 - Custom Character Rigging and Animation animation-gray-bar Character Designs/Models
animation-gray-bar Custom Character Animations
ANIM 4600 - Thesis animation-gray-bar Final Projects
Other animation-gray-bar Interface Designs
animation-gray-bar Children's Game Interface Designs