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Faculty from FDU's Maxwell Becton College of Art and Science bring their talents together for a summer of fun and exploration.  These are noncredit courses offered in a series.


Screenwriting  and Film Production 101

Take your own story idea and shape it into a short screenplay.  Find out what experienced screenwriters know about how to put together material for a film script. Our intensive two-week course is designed so that you’ll leave with a short script that’s ready to shoot! Take this with our Film Production afernoon course.

Picking up on a story idea or two from the morning screenplay workshop, we’ll get to work shooting a short movie then prep, shoot, and edit… by the end of the session.  You’ll leave class with an idea of what is required to get ready for a longer story and for your own production.

FACULTY: Howard Libov’s films have screened at international film festivals, and been seen in theaters, on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and in DVD distribution.


Animation Techniques

Video Games for the 3D Artist 

An exciting course focused on the design and creation of low polygon 3D models as it relates to interactive-game production. Students will learn to create 3D models that fit within the guidelines, limitations and goals of those capable of being utilized in 3D engine platform games. This course is taught by one of our experienced faculty members who works professionally in the industry.

FACULTY: John Scalera is a 3D Artist, Animator and rockin’ guitar player.

Animation for the Gaming Generation

Join us for an exciting course focused on learning how to design and produce 3D  animation as it relates to interactive 3D game production.  Our experienced faculty member continues to work professionally after studying at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

FACULTY: Fadee Salama is a 3D Animator and Graphic Designer

Turning Talents into an Online Portfolio

Learn how to create and design a model of a Web page interface in a graphics application such as Photoshop and export it for final construction in Dreamweaver, a visual Web page layout and editing tool. 

Creating an Online Portfolio:
Photoshop and Dreamweaver

Morning sessions will be devoted to exploring raster and vector graphics programs to express your visual ideas. Students will become familiar with Photoshop computer graphics software while creating their web page components.

John Cinco is a visual artist by vocation and sees digital media as extensions that continuously enhance the creative possibilities for artists. As an artist, John has had solo exhibitions and has participated in several group exhibitions in his home country, Japan, and New York.

Afternoon sessions will be spent on learning the rudiments of Dreamweaver and understanding how to prepare files for Web delivery. By the end of this course, your knowledge of these processes will enable you to upload your files for live viewing on the Web.

FACULTY: Janet O’Neil has an extensive resume in the fields of design and illustration. A painter at heart, Janet has employed her artistic skills as an art director, flash animator, graphic designer, web designer and illustrator.


Distinguish Yourself  with these courses

These classes are taught by two of our experienced art faculty members, recognized as exhibiting professional artists.


Create your own comic art. Students will learn how to layout, pencil, ink and letter original pages of comic art. Students will take home finished pages. Take this class to design your Graphic Novel and complete your study with Watercolor techniques.

FACULTY: George Cochrane lives and paints in New York City. He has exhibited internationally in gallery and museum shows.


Students will learn watercolor painting techniques. This class is taken as a continuation of the Graphic Novel course with students creating comic page ideas in watercolor and other water media. Students will take home finished watercolor paintings.

FACULTY: George Cochrane


Create sculptures in clay of your own original characters for graphic novels, animations or other personal ideas. Develop ideas from sketch to dimensional model, learn ceramic building techniques and take home finished clay projects.

FACULTY: Judy Moonelis is a sculptor who lives and maintains a studio in New York City. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is in permanent museum collections. She has received numerous awards and artist grants for her work. She will have a site project this year at the historic landmark, Eastern State Penitentiary.

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