Print Design - Student Work

Available on the Florham Campus, Madison, NJ
Visual & Performing Arts Department

CGD 1313 - Creative Imagery with Photoshop animation-gray-bar Raster Graphics
CGD 1314 - Illustrator Graphics and Design animation-gray-bar Vector Designs
CGD 2212 - Typographic Principles animation-gray-bar Typographic Explorations
CGD 2213 - 2D Design with the Computer animation-gray-bar Design Fundamentals
CGD 2370 - Desktop Publishing animation-gray-bar InDesign Print Layouts
CGD 3355 - Logo and Packaging Design animation-gray-bar Packaging Development
CGD 3363 - Advanced Desktop Publishing animation-gray-bar Advanced Page Layout
CGD 4420 - Thesis animation-gray-bar Capstone Design Projects