Illustration Requirements

 Required Theory and Production (33 credits) 
    CGD 1212    Intro to Graphic Design
    CGD 1313    Creative Imagery with Photoshop
    CGD 1314    Illustrator Graphics and Design
   CGD 1552    The Digital Children's Book
    CGD 2212    Typography I
    CGD 2213    2D Design with the Computer
    CGD 2215    Editorial Design and Illustration
    CGD 2370    Print Layout
   CGD 3351    Illustration Design
    CGD 4420    Thesis
    CGD 4500    Portfolio Preparation
 Concentration Electives (12 credits) 
 Choose from the Following: 
    CGD 1050    Creative Concept Drawing
    CGD 1170    Branding Design
   CGD 2020    History of Graphic Design
    CGD 2214    Digital Prepress
    CGD 2216    Design for Social Responsibility
    CGD 2243    Prelude to Publishing
    CGD 3303    Web Design
    CGD 3315    Wordpress
    CGD 3352    Typography 2
   CGD 3355    Logo and Package Design
    CGD 3358    Project Based Web Design
    CGD 3360    Freelance Practices
    CGD 3362    Mobile Design
    CGD 3370    Computer Illustration & Design
    CGD 3373    Email Blast Design and Implementation
    CGD 3374    Online Ad Design and Implementation
    CGD 3376    Contemporary HTML and CSS
    CGD 3380    Social Media Marketing Design
    CGD 3385    Ecommerce Design
    NOTE:    Six credits in Internship experience may be used
   to fulfill Major Elective requirements.
    CGD 4422    Graphic Design Internship I
    CGD 4423    Graphic Design Internship II
    CGD 4900    Faculty/Student Research I
    CGD 4901    Faculty/Student Research II
 Required Cognates (9 credits) 
   ART 1201    Drawing I
   ART 1153
   ART 1169
   ART 1225
   Life Drawing I  or
   Watercolor Painting I or
   Painting I
   ART 3350     Illustration

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