Editing Concentration - Requirements


Core Major Requirements (27 credits)

15_spacer FILM 3350 3_spacer Twentieth Century Cinema
  FILM 1501   Cinematic Storytelling
  FILM 1005   Filmmaking I: Basic Production
  FILM 2208   Filmmaking II: The Professional Crew
  FILM 2250   Screenwriting I
  FILM 3210   Postproduction I
  FILM 3209   Filmmaking III: Mastering the Art and Craft of Film Production
  FILM 4311   Producing & Directing the Thesis Film
  FILM 4312   Producing &  Directing the Thesis Film II (work as editor)


Editing Concentration Requirements (9)

15_spacer FILM 3212 3_spacer Postproduction II
  FILM 2214   Audio for Film and Video
  FILM 4465   Client Driven Production (as post-production) or
  FILM 3430   Reality TV Production (as Post) or
  FILM 2255   TV News & Magazine prodution (as Post)


Additional Film Electives (9 credits)


Cognate Requirements (10 - 13 credits)

CGD 1313  Creative Imagery with Photoshop
MUSIC 2205  Music for the Movies  
ANIM 1750  Motion Graphics with After Effects    
THEA 3351  Poduction & Performance (in Post on Senior Thesis film before senior year)  
COMM2210      Popular  Culture and the Media


Suggested Cultural Cognate

15_spacer FREN 2005 3_spacer  French Film
  ITAL 2005    Italian Cinema
  or   Another non-American film survey class


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