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In addition to the required 42-45 credits of major courses plus the 3 credits of cognate requirements listed here, students must fulfill the College requirements.

 Required Theory and Production (30 credits) 
 ANIM 1500 Storyboarding
 ANIM 1750 Motion Graphics with After Effects
 ANIM 1850 3D Computer Modeling
 ANIM 2270 ZBrush Digital Sculpting
 ANIM 2500 3D Computer Animation
 ANIM 3330 3D Environment Modeling
 ANIM 3331 Logo and Product Animation
 ANIM 3341 Character Animation using CAT
 ANIM 4500 Senior Thesis I
 ANIM 4600 Senior Thesis II


 Concentration Electives (12-15 credits) 
 Choose from the Following: 
 ANIMH 1202 History of Special Effects and Animation
 ANIM 1650 Game Design
 ANIM 1800 Vector Animation using Animate CC
 ANIM 2240 Low Poly 3D Modeling
 ANIM 2243 Advanced After Effects
 ANIM 2245 3D Character Modeling
 ANIM 2285 3D Asset Creation for Video Games
 ANIM 2300 Texturing for 3D Production
 ANIM 3250 3D Particle Animation and Effects
 ANIM 3343 Advanced Character Animation
 ANIM 3345 Custom 3D Character Rigging and Animation
 ANIM 3350 3D Game Creation using Unreal
 ANIM 3450 3D Game Creation using Unity
 ANIM 4422 Internship in Animation I
 ANIM 4423 Internship in Animation II
 ANIM 4900 Faculty/Student Research I
 ANIM 4901 Faculty/Student Research II


 Required Cognates (3 credits) 
 CGD 1313 Creative Imagery with Photoshop



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