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Available on the Florham Campus, Madison, NJ
Visual & Performing Arts Department

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ANIM 3331 Logo and Product Animation

Solar Cube

Thomas Hind Solar Cube Animation Donovan Howes Solar Cube Animation Michelle Hickey Solar Cube Animation Sydney Worek Solar Cube Animation
Thomas Hind
(1 min. 10 sec.)
Donovan Howes
(54 sec.)
Michelle Hickey
(1 min. 8 sec.)
Sydney Worek
(1 min. 1 sec.)

Fresh Ups

Sean Cutino Fresh Ups Animation William Whitehead Fresh Ups Animation Brian Whitford Fresh Ups Animation Sabrina Smith Fresh Ups Animation
Sean Cutino
(51 sec.)
William Whitehead
(1 min. 15 sec.)
Brian Whitford
(32 sec.)
Sabrina Smith
(1 min. 1 sec.)

Go Nuts For Donuts

Thomas Hind Donut Animation Donovan Howes Donut Animation Max Werkmeister Donut Animation  
Thomas Hind
(56 sec.)
Donovan Howes
(23 sec.)
Max Werkmeister
(58 sec.)

Think Pen

Carla Cucinotta Think Pen Animation jeremy Stolk Think Pen Animation
Carla Cucinotta
(56 sec.)
Jeremy Stolk
(23 sec.)

Munch Kings

Carla Cucinotta Munch Kings Animation Samantha Szentmiklosy Munch Kings Animation
Carla Cucinotta
(1 min. 50 sec.)
Samantha Szentmiklosy
(54 sec.)

Crystal Bubbles

Jonathan Young Crystal Bubbles Animation Max Becker Crystal Bubbles Animation  
Jonathan Young
(1 min. 16 sec.)
Max Becker
(1 min. 46 sec.)


Becker & Young
(3 min. 43 sec.)
Adam Burrows
(16 sec.)
Fadee Salama
(2 min. 12 sec.)
Edward Fradera
(38 sec.)
Thomas Hind Donut Animation Thomas Hind Donut Animation  
Tracey Landau
(26 sec.)
Jonathan Costa
(47 sec.)
Jared Wilson
(2 min.)