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Visual & Performing Arts

Unique among institutions of higher education is The Visual & Performing Arts Department of Becton College, located on the Florham Campus in Madison, NJ.

Here we merge all the arts into one department, encompassing animation, computer graphics, film, music, studio arts, theater, and video games. Why? Because we believe that they all strive to convey feeling, emotion, atmosphere, and a human connection with their audience. We believe that students in all these visual and performing arts can learn from and support one another. We also believe that these creative disciplines require both craftsmanship and creative thinking. Therefore the more experience and exposure to the other related arts, the better artists and craftsmen our students will become. For only once one masters the craft, can one grow into the artist.

Bachelors Degrees and Concentrations

The Department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees with concentrations in

Supplemental courses are offered in art history, illustration, photography, screenwriting, dance, and music.

Masters Degrees in 2018

Beginning in Fall 2018 we will be offering an MA and MFA in Animation and an MFA in Film.


Howard Libov
Department Chair
Tel: 973-443-8646

Mailing Address

Visual & Performing Arts Department
Fairleigh Dickinson University
285 Madison Ave, M-DB0-01
Madison, NJ 07940

Office Location

Dreyfuss Building, Main Floor