Industrial/Organizational Psychology BA-MA



Psychology (Undergraduate) 26 credits

  PSYC1201 General Psychology 3
  PSYC2210 Psychological Statistics 4
  PSYC2211 Experimental Psychology 4
  PSYC3005 Abnormal Psychology 3
  PSYC3310 Social Psychology 3
  PSYC3322 Industrial Psychology 3
  PSYC4291 Schools of Psychology 3


Experimental Elective to be selected from:

  PSYC3030 Behavioral Neuroscience Methods 3
  PSYC3032 Physiological Psychology 3
  PSYC3331 Theories of Learning 3
  PSYC3333 Sensation and Perception 3
  PSYC3334 Psychopharmacology 3


The next group of courses are graduate courses, some of which students would be given dual credit toward their BA and MA requirements. These courses would be taken during the fourth and fifth years. The majority of graduate classes are offered in the early weekday evening hours, a few Saturday classes may also be required.

  PSYC6300 Psychometrics 3
  PSYC6301 Group Dynamics &Team Leadership 3
  PSYC6302    Organizational Psychology 3
  PSYC6303 Research Design in I/O Psychology 3
  PSYC6304  Personnel Selection 3
  PSYC6305 Psychometrics 3
  PSYC6306  Methods in I/O Psychology 3
  PSYC6308  Human Resources Development 3
  PSYC7700 I/O Internship 3
  COUN7706 Lifestyle & Career Counseling 3

Graduate Thesis or Additional Courses

Students may complete a research thesis OR complete Techniques of Interviewing and a graduate course from the management area. This elective must have faculty approval prior to registration.

  PSYC7803                       Research and Thesis I 3
  PSYC7804                       Research and Thesis II 3


  PSYC630 Techniques of Interviewing 3
   PSYC7745                     Leadership Studies 3



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