The Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences - 2008

Volume 21

Table of Contents:

Gender Differences in the Effect of Body Mass Index on Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents: A Mediation Analysis through Global Physical Self-Concept
Joseph Sass and Daniel Rodriguez
Pages 1-7

The Child Witness: A Study of Memory Development and Recall
Julie M. Wonsetler
Pages 8-11

The Effect of Incongruous Words on Reaction Time and Accuracy of Picture Naming
Brienne Brown
Pages 12-14

“You Say Tomato, Yo Digo Tomaté!” An Integrative Approach to Working with Intercultural Couples and Their Families
Brian Berger
Pages 15-23

The Reality of Utopian Society: An Investigation of Skinner and Determinism
Amanda C. Wolfe
Pages 24-31

Female Mate Selection as a Function of Males’ Physical Attractiveness and Financial Status: Does Money Buy Looks?
Amanda D. Samuels and Stephanie P. da Silva
Pages 32-38