The Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences - 2007

Volume 20

Table of Contents:

“Everyone is Basically the Same, Some People are Different”: The Role of Peer Groups and the School in a Rural Ohio High School
Charles Albright, Greg Hammell, and Steven Hundersmarck
Pages 1-11

Multiple Intelligences: A Psychometric Examination of a Measure
Lucy Barnard and Arturo Olivarez
Pages 12-22

Disrobing Consent: A Psychological Investigation Exposing the Nature of Sexual Consent in the Bedroom and in the Courtroom
Lia Mandaglio
Pages 23-33

Cultivating Depression in Women: An Analysis of Gender Representations in Magazine Advertisements for Antidepressant Medications
Courtney Kellerman Wells and Kailey Roberts
Pages 34-40

Forensic Use of the Rorschach Inkblot Method: Admissibility and Clinical Utility
Sara J. Walker and Steven R. Smith
Pages 41-45