The Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences - 2006

Volume 19

Table of Contents:

School Culture and Empathy Characteristics of Students Attending Two Structurally Distinct High Schools
Jennifer Tonks, Jason Barr, and Ann Higgins-D’Alessandro
Pages 1-7

Evaluating the Relation Between Astrological Sign and Personality by Cluster Analysis
Marcy Peterson and Kenneth M. Cramer
Pages 8-12

A Test of Self-Efficacy Theory and Attitudes Towards Sex Education Programs
Alison A. Spadafora and Stewart Page
Pages 13-21

An Investigation into the Effects of Social Network Strength and Stress Level on Cardiovascular Responses in College Students
Amy R. Levitt
Pages 22-29

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms and Self-Esteem in College Students
Julie E. Rowland and Sabina C. Widner
Pages 30-35

Personality and Athleticism: Differences and Relationships
Gabriela Dye, Jennifer Ann Morrow, and Lisa L. Harlow
Pages 36-44