The Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences - 2005

Volume 18

Table of Contents:

The Contribution of Athletic Identity and Participation to Developmental Task Achievement
Kevin Simpson and Cyndy McRae
Pages 1-8

Eating Disorders as a Function of Gender and Athleticism
Mary Maschek, Kim Setlak, Crystal Stock, and Mary Pritchard
Pages 9-12

Emotional Intelligence and It’s Relationship to Leadership Activities and Occupations Involving Interpersonal Relationships
Adam C. Bandelli
Pages 13-18

The Relationships Among Tobacco Use, BMI, Perceived Fitness, and Actual Physical Performance Among Military Science Students
Sarah E. Linke and Laura A. Sapenoff
Pages 19-29

The Relationship Between Bystander Intervention and Profession
Pamela A. Mentink
Pages 30-36

Review of Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Andrew J. Gray
Pages 37-40