Industrial/Organizational Psychology MA

Graduates' Comments:


“Pursing a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organization Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University was a defining moment in my academic career. With a highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty, there is an intricate balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of the field.This is especially unique, and I leveraged the knowledge and skills gained at FDU to fulfill my career aspirations in a very competitive environment. Furthermore, I had the pleasure of building wonderful professional and personal relationships with my professors and classmates. The challenges, key competencies developed, and overall experiences enable students to lay the foundation for very rewarding careers!”
Mikhail Attong, 2011 graduate


“The Industrial/Organizational Psychology graduate program provided me with the confidence, knowledge and resources necessary to acquire a highly coveted position in today’s competitive job market. The focus on contemporary business models and relevant case studies allowed me to easily link classroom concepts with real-world issues. After graduating, I eagerly looked forward to utilizing my recently gained expertise in my new role as a Human Resources Leadership Development Program participant at NBC Universal. I can say with confidence that the faculty and program curriculum prepared me for success in the ever-evolving world of Human Resources.”
Alissa Constantinople, 2010 graduate


“My experiences at Fairleigh Dickinson University were memorable. Without my time in the FDU Master’s in I/O program, I would not be where I am today. In the field of I/O psychology, the greatest challenge for a Master’s program is to maintain the balance between the scientist and the practitioner. FDU’s Master’s in I/O program does so wonderfully with a curriculum built around a foundation of psychological principles and an internship and applied research focus that helps develop the student’s applied skills. At FDU, we were able to develop a network of faculty and students that allowed us to learn and grow as psychology and human resources professionals. Without FDU, I would not have received the training and ability to later complete my Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology. My experiences at FDU have made me the professional I am today. ”
Sayeedul “Sy” Islam, Ph.D., 2008 graduate


“I attended the graduate program in I/O Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University as a student and was also a Graduate Assistant with the Department of Psychology. Not only does the program offer a wide range of courses that cover the core competencies of an I/O curriculum, but also the focus is on imparting a real-world education, through thought-provoking discussion of issues that are relevant to the practice of I/O Psychology. The faculty and staff were very engaged and active in fostering a nurturing environment for the students; providing constant encouragement and guidance to help students achieve their career goals. Research has always been one of my passions and as a graduate assistant, I was given the opportunity to work closely with a professor of I/O Psychology. I gained exposure to research methodologies within their specific areas of interest, honed my research abilities and developed keener analytical skills that I continue to rely on at work.”
Ritu Madan, 2010 graduate


“The M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at FDU provides students with an excellent blend of theoretical analysis and practical application of a wide range of topics that are highly relevant to the field. The professors have diverse experiences within the field, which allow them to share unique perspectives, applications, and insights with students to enhance the learning experience. While completing the program, I was able to apply directly the concepts I was learning to my role as an intern. Since graduating, I have been working in Organizational Capability & Effectiveness, where I am able to continuously apply and expand the knowledge and skills I developed during my time at FDU.”
Kaitlynn Nesbitt, 2011 graduate


“The theoretical understanding and practical knowledge I gained through my studies as a Master of Arts student in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at Fairleigh Dickinson served as the launching point for my career in organizational development consulting. The program allowed me to pursue advanced research through a thesis project, while strengthening my competence in applied I-O techniques. Upon graduation, I directly (and in the most literal sense) applied the knowledge and skills I learned in the classroom to my role in the field. This program prepared me to immediately succeed professionally, and as my career has evolved, I have continued to draw upon what I learned from the exceptionally knowledgeable faculty . The coursework I studied, the peer relationships I formed, and the faculty mentorship I gained during my time at Fairleigh Dickinson have had a tremendously positive and lasting impact.”
Melissa Gonzalez Schulz, 2006 graduate


“Personal, professional, and caring professors are what you will find when you are a part of the Master’s in I/O Psychology program. From the newest to the most tenured, each professor holds students accountable for their success. The program offers a great opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical “real world” experience. I have had the opportunity to network with many professionals from several Fortune 500 organizations who started as students in the I/O program. When you decide to join, you will be challenged, held accountable, and thrust into an exciting career and network of successful professionals. The I/O program is a great starting block toward future success!
Christopher Williams, 2002 graduate