Industrial/Organizational Psychology MA (Concentration in Organizational Behavior)

Competencies Gained:

The Organizational Behavior concentration within the MA/IO program is designed to develop, enhance and build upon students' leadership competencies in the following areas: 

  • Organizational savvy, knowledge of how organizations operate, understanding of organizational culture and individual personalities, skill at adapting to demands of the organizational environment

  • Understanding how a variety of major organizational and individual evaluation and assessment tools and techniques can be used to effect sound leadership

  • Understanding and ability to implement positive career management practices and tools

  • Analytical thinking ability

  • Written and oral presentation skills

  • Understanding and knowledge of strategic planning, decision making, crisis management and other requirements for leadership

  • Personal leadership skills based on understanding of leadership theory, development and assessment

  • Interpersonal skills, ability to relate well to people, understand their needs, respond appropriately and influence their behavior toward personal and organizational goals

  • Understanding of team processes and the ability to design and implement a team structure
    within organizations

  • Understanding of motivational theories and applicability within organizations

  • Intellectual curiosity and an openness to learning

  • Ability to coach and mentor others to accelerate their personal development 

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