Organizational Leadership Certificate

The certificate program in organizational leadership emphasizes the development of practical leadership skills. This one-year intensive course of study is designed for those current or aspiring leaders in any organization who are determined to develop their leadership potential to the fullest and to commit a significant portion of their "free" time. Its flexible approach to advanced graduate studies and Saturday classes accommodates even more intensive work schedule with travel demands.

The certificate program integrates six 3-credit courses to provide students with a graduate-level understanding of human behavior as it applies to leadership activities. In addition to our experienced teaching faculty, each course incorporates mentored work experiences guided by adjunct faculty active in organizational roles through intensive personal and/or Web-based interactions.

The courses use a "distributed learning" model - incorporating both formal class sessions and Web-enhanced self-study and tutoring. Students attend scheduled lecture/discussion classes and continue their studies individually under the guidance of an assigned mentor or tutor.

Faculty mentors are educators, executives, managers and senior professionals who have demonstrated leadership competencies and advanced academic training. They possess significant business experience and familiarity with organizational structures and function; advanced coaching and mentoring skills; in-depth knowledge of one or more areas of leadership theory and relevant research literature; and excellent oral and written communication skills.

All certificate courses may be applied toward the full MAOB program.


Six courses (or their approved equivalent) from the MAI/O curriculum are required for completion of the Organizational Leadership Certificate.

PSYC6301 Group Dynamics & Team Leadership

PSYC6302 Organizational Psychology

PSYC6308 Human Resource Development

PSYC7745 Leadership Studies

PSYC7740 Individual Behavior Studies

PSYC7746 Leadership Tutorial



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