Gender Studies Minor*


Required Courses:
Students must select courses, out of 15 total required credits, from at least three different disciplines are represented in the minor. At least nine credits in the minor must be at the 3000 - or 4000 - level.


Courses Offered Annually:
ARTH 3423: Women Artists
CMLGY 3301: Women and Crime
COMM 2866:  Women and Minorities in Media


Rotating Topical Courses:
AFAM 2500: Black Male Experiences
AFAM 2501: Black Female Experiences
COMM 3051: Communication and Gender
LITS 3221: Medieval & Renaissance Women Writers
POLS 2207: Women and Politics
POLS 2310: Women and American Politics
POLS 3402: Politics of Reproduction
PSYC 3325 Psychology of Gender
SOCI 3030: Gender in a Contemporary World
SOCI 3314: Sociology of Gender
SOCI 3440: Women and Race in Modern Britain
SPAN 4005: Latin American Women Writers
WOMEN 2312: Gender and Public Policy
WOMEN 4467: Women Detective Writers


* Effective Fall 2015

NOTE: Students who previously declared an 18-credit minor in this area must complete a "Declaration of Minor" form (available in the Records Office) in order to convert to the revised, 15-credit minor..



Dr. Francesca Degiuli
Co-Director, Gender Studies Minor
Tel: 973-443-8728

Dr. Lona Whitmarsh
Co-Director, Gender Studies Minor
Tel: 973-443-8549

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