French Minor*

Department of Literature, Language, Writing, and Philosophy

The 15-credit French Language Minor is comprised of the sequence of language courses indicated below. This ensures that the student who has completed this Minor will be reasonably fluent in the language and capable of reading and appreciating written and oral communication in French while also having a fair grasp of French Literature and culture.

Students who are assessed as sufficiently advanced in the language so as to opt out of one or more of the required language courses may choose from the array of FRENCH courses, with work done in the target language. The student who takes all 4 language courses is left with one additional course needed to complete the Minor; this course can also be selected from the available FRENCH courses that are offered regularly, with work done in the target language. At most, one course may be taken in English.

Required Courses

* Practica, although required for language classes, do not count toward the minor.

Elective Courses

FREN 2005 French Film
FREN 2008 Writing in French
FREN 2203 Contemporary France
FRAN 3010 Advanced French Grammar
FREN 3051 Sex and Politics in French Literature
FRAN 3551 Topics in French Literature I
FREN 3552 Topics in French Literature II


 * Effective Fall 2015

NOTE: Students who previously declared an 18-credit minor in this area must complete a "Declaration of Minor" form (available in the Records Office) in order to convert to the revised, 15-credit minor. Students who convert to the revised minor MUST complete all requirements affiliated with the 15-credit minor. No course substitutions will be permitted.




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