Children's Studies Minor*

The children's studies minor provides students with a multidisciplinary understanding of childhood in human society. Using the disciplinary perspectives of literature, psychology, sociology, and anthropology, the minor grounds students in an understanding of childhood as preparation for employment in child services and advocacy, or advanced study in the fields of education, literature, psychology, sociology and anthropology.

The minor is offered jointly by the department of literature, language, writing, and philosophy; the department of communication studies; and the department of social sciences and history. Students select five 3-credit courses from the list below, making selections from at least three different disciplines.



  • ANTH3102 Anthropology of Children and Childhood










* Effective Fall 2015

NOTE: Students who previously declared an 18-credit minor in this area must complete a "Declaration of Minor" form (available in the Records Office) in order to convert to the revised, 15-credit minor. Students who convert to the revised minor MUST complete all requirements affiliated with the 15-credit minor. No course substitutions permitted.


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