Animation Minor*

Florham Campus, Madison, NJ
Visual & Performing Arts Department

Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion through a variety of techniques. The 15-credit minor in Animation prepares students to understand the various types of digital 2D motion graphics (which focus on image manipulation) and 3D computer animation (which takes place in virtual worlds) and their uses. The flexibility of this minor allows students to target their area of interest whether it is commercial style motion graphics, special effects, or 3D character animation.


Required Courses (9 credits)

Elective Courses (6 credits)

Select two of the following courses:

ANIM 1750 Motion Graphics with After Effects
ANIM 2243 Advanced After Effects
ANIM 3250 3D Particle Animation and Effects
ANIM 3331 Logo and Product Animation
ANIM 3340 Character Animation using Biped
ANIM 3341 Character Animation using CAT

* Effective Fall 2015

NOTE: Students who previously declared an 18-credit minor in this area must complete a "Declaration of Minor" form (available in the Records Office) in order to convert to the revised, 15-credit minor. Students who convert to the revised minor MUST complete all requirements affiliated with the 15-credit minor. No course substitutions will be permitted.



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