Neelu Sinha

Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Department

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Degrees Attained:

B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering - University of Bombay, India
M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering - Iowa State University, IA
Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering - Iowa State University, IA

Research Interests:

  • Digital Watermarking
  • Audio Watermarking
  • Computer Data and Information Security
  • Digital Rights Management

Courses Taught:

CSCI1145 Computers and Computing
CSCI4800 Independent Study - C# in the .NET Environment
CSCI3315/6620   Software Design / Software Engineering
CSCI 1205/5505   Introduction to Programming C++
CSCI 2215/5525   Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI 2232/5555   Data Structures
CSCI 3157/6865   Topics in Computer Data Security
CSCI 3304

Computer Organization / Computer Architecture

CSCI 3278 Operating Systems

CSCI 4391/4392  

Senior Project


Neelu Sinha
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