Robert Shaw

Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Department

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Degrees Attended:

B.S. Chemistry - North Carolina State University
M.B.A. Management / Finance - Rutgers University
Ph.D. Solid State Physics - Cambridge University, England
Graduate Courses in Chemistry & Electrical Engineering - University of Connecticut

Research Interests:

  • among the first to conduct academic research on electronic conduction mechanisms in amorphous semiconductors
  • Telecommunications
  • Consulting services to many companies

Committee Involvements at FDU:

  • FDU 5-year Strategic Plan
  • FDU Values Project
  • Honorary Degree Committee
  • Madison Executive Cabinet
  • Campus Council - President
  • Ferguson Recreation Center Board of Advisors
  • Freshman Mentoring
  • Basic Skills Placement Task Force
  • Regional Center Learning Specialist
  • Assistant Campus Executive
  • Demanding Curriculum Task Force
  • Distance Learning Task Force
  • Honors Program Task Force
  • Faculty Focus Groups
  • Academic Senate
  • Madison Campus Strategic Planning Committee
  • CEPC - Chairman
  • CEPC Subcommittee on Computer Skills Assessment

Courses Taught:

A wide range of courses in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Electronics



Robert Shaw
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Fax: 973-443-8683

Department of Mathematics Computer Science and Physics
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