Kiron Sharma

Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Department

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 Degrees Attained:

B.S., University of Delhi, India
M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology, India
M.Tech / M.Phil., Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Ph.D., City University of New York, NY, USA

Research Interests:

  • Algorithms and Computational Complexity
  • Performance Issues: Students in mathematics, computer science and related fields
  • Sustainability and Growth in the Global Marketplace
  • Use of technology for developing reasoning and problem solving skills

Service at FDU:

  • University Planning and Budget Committee
  • College Educational and Planning Committee
  • Computer skills assessment task force
  • University Educational Technology Planning Committee
  • Distance Learning Committee
  • University Review Committee
  • Department Search and Screen Committee
  • Internship Coordinator

Courses Taught:

CSCI3842   Object Oriented Programming: Java
CSCI3802   Internet Technology
CSCI6831   Expert Systems and Logic   Programming
CSCI6761   Theory of Automata
CSCI3278   Operating Systems
CSCI2255   Discrete Structures
CSCI2215   Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI1205   Computer Programming using C++
CSCI1801    Functional Programming: Scheme
CSCI1145   Computers and Computing
CSCI 2255   Mathematics for Computer Science



Kiron Sharma
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