Computer Science MS - Requirements

Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Department



The prerequisite courses for the M.S. in Computer Science are:

CSCI5505 Introduction to Computer Programming 3
CSCI5525 Introduction to Computer Science 3
CSCI5555 Data Structures 3
CSCI5565 Assembly Language 3


Computer Science Core Classes: (All Required)

The required core courses for the M.S. in Computer Science are:

CSCI6603 Computer Architecture 3
CSCI6620 Software Engineering 3
CSCI6623 Database Systems 3
CSCI6638 Operating Systems (Pre-Req- CSCI6603) 3
CSCI7645 Systems Programming (Pre-Req-CSCI6638) 3


Elective Courses:* (15 Credits)

* CSCI elective courses range from CSCI6617-8891. Up to six credits may be taken in non-CSCI prefixed courses in electrical engineering (6000 level or above). Please consult an academic advisor for additional details regarding electives or consult FDU Graduate Bulletin. Students have the option of registering for a 3-credit internship after completing 18 graduate credits. The internship will count as a one-course elective.



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