Computer Science BS - Requirements

Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Department


Required Courses:

CSCI1205 Introduction to Computer Programming
CSCI2215 Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI2232 Data Structures
CSCI2247 Assembly Language Programming
CSCI2255 Discrete Structures
CSCI3278 Operating Systems
CSCI3304 Computer Organization
CSCI3315 Software Design
CSCI3371 Modeling and Simulation  or
MATH3303 Probability and Statistics
CSCI4391, CSCI4392 Senior Project I, II or
CSCI4498 Computer Science Internship



Computer Science Electives (12 credits)

Four additional courses to be selected from the 3000 or higher level offerings in computer science (CSCI designation).


Mathematics Required Courses (14 credits)

MATH1203 Calculus I
MATH2202 Calculus II
MATH3318 Differential Equations or
MATH3220 Linear Algebra


Mathematics Electives (3 credits)

One additional course to be selected from the mathematics offerings (MATH designation) above the level of MATH3220.


Physics Required Courses (8 credits)

PHYS2003 General Physics - I w/ Calculus
PHYS2013 Lab- General Physics - I w/ Calculus
PHYS2004 General Physics - II w/ Calculus
PHYS2014 Lab - General Physics - II w/ Calculus

(PHYS2003, PHYS2013 may be used in partial fulfillment of the science requirement of the core curriculum.)



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