Women in Computer Science Club (WICS)


The Women in Computer Science Club (WICS) will promote computer science skills, and provide a supporting environment for all women to join. The goal of the club is to engage female students of computer science and non-computer science majors in STEM based projects with a major focus on computer science. The club will organize an Hour of Code every year for computer science and non-computer science majors. The club will also provide mentoring opportunities to female students that have proven to be very powerful tools in keeping female students engaged in their major and ultimately leads to increased retention and success. Annual interest meetings will be held directed towards undeclared female freshman students to introduce them to computer science in a fun and engaging manner.

The club activities are supported by a generous gift from The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and  Google.org in the amount of $3000.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund Winners: January 2016


Club president: Heather Post

Vice president: Taylor Martin

Club email: womenincompsci@gmail.com


Faculty Advsiors:

Dr. Neelu Sinha                  Dr. Laila Khreisat

sinha@fdu.edu                   khreisat@fdu.edu