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Philosophy BA - Requirements

Students concentrating in philosophy must complete 30 credits (10 courses) of course work in philosophy.


To be taken in the first or second semester.

  PHIL1101 Introduction to Logic  
  PHIL1102 Introduction to Philosophy  

To be taken in the last year.

  PHIL4401 Philosophy Seminar  

21 Credits

To be chosen from the available courses.

The student must consult with his/her adviser to make sure that the distribution is reasonable and representative across the subfields of philosophy:


  PHIL 1103 Ethics  
  PHIL 1106 Ideas of Happiness  
  PHIL 1112 Critical Thinking for College and Life  
  PHIL 1440 Biomedical Ethics  
  PHIL 2008 Ethical Issues in the Movies  
  PHIL 2102 Space and Time  
  PHIL 2201 Ancient Philosophy  
  PHIL 2203 Contemporary Philosophy  
  PHIL 2207     Philosophy of Religion  
  PHIL 2210 What is Radical Politics?  
  PHIL 2214 Philosophy of Language  
  PHIL 2432 Philosophy of Law  
  PHIL 2777 Formal Logic  
  PHIL 2828 Immortality and Reincarnation  
  PHIL 2999 Thinking About the Mind  
  PHIL 3301 Truth  
  PHIL 3305 Social and Political Philosophy  
  PHIL 3306 The Problem of Evil  
  PHIL 3309 Nietzsche  


Students majoring in philosophy must complete the humanities area requirement of the general education requirements in areas other than philosophy.

Students should see College requirements for details of the general education requirements.



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