ITAL 1002

Instructor: Gloria Pastorino

Textbook: Julia Cozzarelli, Sentieri. Vista Higher Learning

Course description: a course designed for students with some basic knowledge of Italian. It continues the introduction to elementary oral expression, listening comprehension, reading and writing. Students master: future and past tenses (passato prossimo, imperfetto), the conditional mode, reflexive and indefinite verbs, and the gerund among other basic structures. The course covers 6 chapters of the textbook Sentieri

The following factors will be considered in determining the final grade for the course:

Attendance: regular attendance and attentiveness are critical to the success of the language learning process. Undocumented absences will result in a reduction of the final grade and in failure of the course should the number reach 3. Chronic lateness will be reflected in the final grade as well.


Preparation: following the syllabus, grammar and vocabulary are to be studied and exercises prepared prior to class meetings.

WEBSAM: with your textbook you are also buying an access code to the on-line workbook (WEB Student Activity Manual). You are expected to complete the assigned exercises in the workbook by the due date stated in the calendar.

Exercises are auto-graded, so you will be able to see your score immediately.

Compositions: there are five “bluebook” compositions based on themes discussed in class or in the textbook. The instructor will correct them and give a grade out of five, just pointing out the mistakes without giving the right answer. Next, you will re-write the composition correcting mistakes. Finally, the instructor will give another grade out of five to the final draft. The overall grade will be out of ten.

Exams: there will be four in-class tests as well as a final exam

Final grade:
     • 25% class attentiveness, preparation and participation
     • 25% lab and workbook exercises
     • 15% compositions
     • 20% written tests
     • 15% final exam

Cell Phones: NOT ALLOWED IN CLASS – the presence of a cell phone will result in an F